How can I get augmented reality content?

First you have to register and create your profile.
After filling information about the company. You can start your project by ordering it.

There are two ways of using the brief builder: The first way: we recommend people who have a clear idea of project requirements and can provide a brief. The second way: is for those who want to explore different concept ideas, with or without budget offerings.

How can I create my profile?

For profile creation you need to register as user who is searching for creators.

What to do if I represent several companies?
It’s better to make different profiles for them, cause when posting new jobs/ orders creators not to be confused and offer you well matched content.

How much costs AR content creation?

Every AR content service has flexible pricing for all budgets. Creators are setting prices themselves if you don’t provide your budget and every project is individual. Prices depend on the complexity of the project.

Can I propose budget what I have in mind for my order?

Yes, brand can write down the budget they are eager to pay for specific content creation. If budget will be low or high – creators will propose theirs and if both are happy with that you start collaboration.

Will I get Augmented Reality content without payment?

No. Creators to start working on your order, first you need to make a payment through our platform. This money is frozen on Crosscreators account. We provide you safety of not loosing your money. Whenever you’re happy with your order and get your content, only after we pay specific creator.

Why should I bring my existing clients?

We save all of your activity, revisions, feedback, and communications in one place. Your finished design files are always accessible and stored indefinitely at no additional fee.

How do I get my payment?

If you are a US citizen we need to have your swift number, so you have to send us or make Stripe account.

If you are an EU citizen we will need your IBAN number.

We also provide direct payouts for non-U.S. and non-EU citizens. Please display the payment account in your profile on which you would like to receive payment.

We keep payment simple by securing the full payment from your client upfront. When the project is finished, we’ll release the funds to you.

Can I create my professional profile?

Absolutely! Presentation is key to any professional activity and if there’s one place to make yourself shine, it’s on your profile page. We’ll walk you through all the features and offer tips on how to present yourself in the most professional manner possible.

Do you Charge fees?

We don’t charge you for an introduction to the client. We have the commission-based model and charge on each project for only 15% to provide you with support, secure payments, fraud protection, and more.

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