How Can I Pay for the Project? Is It Safe?

You pay for each project you order individually. 

To start your payment process, we will redirect you to the Stripe payments page. Stripe is the most secure internet payment system. If your country doesn’t support Stripe, you can use your bank account from all trustworthy providers including Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, to make payments.

After payment, your money is frozen on our platform. 

We will release funds to the creator only after you confirm that you are happy with the final version and received all requested files.

How much costs AR content creation?

The final project price is affected by the complexity of the brief, and of course freelance creators themself, they dictate their prices which can be drastically less than market pricing.

Generally, the cost of AR content creation on market starts from $500. But still, it’s not fixed.

If you are confused about the budget don’t worry about this. At Crosscreators, you can always order a project without a specific budget and let professional creators offer their prices.

Or you can schedule a free consultation with us to receive guidance tailored to your business needs.

Can I propose budget what I have in mind for my order?

Yes, brand can write down the budget they are eager to pay for specific content creation. If budget will be low or high – creators will propose theirs and if both are happy with that you start collaboration.

Will I get Augmented Reality content without payment?

No. Creators to start working on your order, first you need to make a payment through our platform. This money is frozen on Crosscreators account. We provide you safety of not loosing your money. Whenever you’re happy with your order and get your content, only after we pay specific creator.

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