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How To Apply For The Project? Creators’ Guide

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How To Apply For The  Project? Creators’ Guide
avatar By: CrossCreators 6 Min read 792 Views

How To Apply For The Project? Creators’ Guide

6 Min read 792 Views

Creators need to know how to apply for the project to attract potential clients. Companies ordering a project on the Crosscreators platform often do not know exactly what kind of project they want, because they are less competent in the direction of augmented reality. Therefore, we need to know how to propose a conceptual idea tailored to them. If you are new to the world of AR content creation, you may have a few questions about how to attract a client. Every great story in this business starts from a well-crafted proposal which is a chief factor in finding your client and having a high income. Did you know that over 5-50 proposals come to a single project? If you want to stand out from the crowd, you will need a detailed and well-written proposal helping you to provide information to every client on why they should pick you. 

Picture describes freelancer creator who wants to apply for the project


How do you make a proposal for a brand?

You press find a job button, view the list of projects, get acquainted with the details of the brief, and press apply for this project button.  Here you will be given some fields to fill. In case you already haven’t created a Croscreators account: check this Blog

Picture shows flow of how to apply for the project details: Cover letter, live references, Media Files, project deadline and budget

What Is a Proposal?

As it has been told, proposals are the main part of showing the potential client why you are a perfect fit. The proposal looks like a cover letter which should be detailed and well-written, but at the same time not long.  


How to apply for the project? – What Should You Consider?

Recommendations for applying to project 


Although each proposal should be unique, there are some same things that you should consider while writing the proposal. First of all, it is a structure and format.

Start with greetings – it should be a quick and straightforward introduction. 

Fill in the bio (if you have not filled it yet) – it would be better for clients to know what you do and how you work.

If the client has a specific objective- write a clear statement that you can reach that objective, argumentatively.

Write the perspective in 2-3 sentences – it will show the client why you are a perfect fit for them. 

A short brief – define the process of what kind and how you will do AR content and why your service is excellent

Lastly, don’t forget to attach your AR works,

As you can see, this format looks like the structure of a traditional cover letter. There are additional tips that help you to catch the attention of the client. 


Cover Letter: Write About Yourself

Even though the main part of the proposal should be devoted to your version of solving potential clients’ problems, do not forget to talk about yourself. There are plenty of fish in the AR ocean, so be unique and show your good side to the potential client. Use different ways to feature yourself, including Crosscreators Instagram page

Keep in mind that the proposal SHOULD NOT be only about you. It will be a bit of a turn-off thing for the potential client. Highlight your abilities given by meeting the client’s needs. 


Concept Description
Always Address the Clients’ Demands:

Your proposal should show empathy for the client’s core objective. Show them that you recognize their difficulties and make them believe you can solve their problem. In another case, the client will find other AR creators whose AR works can ease clients’ pain. 

Describe the Process in a simple way.

What can your AR Content do, and how will it help a potential client solve its problems? Describe this process in short, and give clients a glimpse into the work. This part will make you look like you have already thought about solving clients’ problems, and may you win their hearts. Avoid using acronyms and those words only designers or developers would understand. If you want to do for them “portal” content- explain what this portal is and how it works.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action!

If you don’t use CTA at the end of the proposal, you may lose your potential client. Even though you may be an AR creator and not a copywriter, having a great CTA will make you the favorite candidate. 


Other Fields You should fill when creating a proposal

Don’t include external links-  Many creators don’t manage their portfolio on a webpage. They prefer to include their spark AR portfolio links in their cover letter. That’s incorrect. Spending an extra 5-10 minutes will ensure that the brand gains more trust in you. When the company comes to your profile and doesn’t see the projects you’ve done, it’s very likely that they won’t contact you

Live References- Provide a reference that approximately shows what you offer the client. That way, it will be clearer to him what to expect from you. Of course, it is better if the live reference belongs to you. You can also directly upload a reference video instead of a link.

Budget and deadline- Of course, it is more convenient for everyone to get the product as cheaply and in a short time as possible. However, along with these two variables, the client also looks at your and other creators’ portfolios evaluating your professionalism. So your budget and deadline are individual. set real and relevant prices and deadlines. Don’t set the price too low, it may raise questions about your competence.


What You Should Not Do While Writing the Proposal: 

don't do when making proposal


Don’t make it long – the best way to express everything can be to fit it in 3 short paragraphs plus, clients don’t have time to read a very long proposal. 


Never use copy-paste – first of all, it doesn’t work, and secondly, it looks very unprofessional. 


Don’t use a proposal template – AR creation is the new thing in the marketing industry. Therefore, it is not hard to create something new and an original proposal, which helps you get a job. 


While writing proposals/briefs for clients is not hard work, they have a major impact on getting a job. To know how to apply for the project correctly take into consideration these tips so that you can win the project. 


  1. Fill the cover letter for clients to better understand what you do and how you work
  2. Upload your projects and build a portfolio so it will be easier for clients to choose you as their creator 
  3. Research the brand to offer relevant content
  4. Be creative 


Wish you all the luck and let’s augment companies’ boring marketing and sales campaigns with immersive content. 





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