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How To Write A Brief For The Project?

First, talk about your company, and brand. State what your company’s mission is. Describe your campaign’s goals and motivations. Highlight particular challenges and objectives you want to meet. Give creators an information about your target audience. Introduce your competitors in the market. Specify what benefits this campaign should bring to the customer. Last but not least, showcase references.

Should I Mention Specific Budget in my Brief?

Generally, creators are more attracted to projects with a specific budget.

When you are experienced in creating augmented reality campaigns and know the market prices, have a predetermined budget, then everything is clear. You post a brief, indicate the price, and creators will appear who are worth taking on the project at that price.

If you don’t know how to define a budget, that’s not a problem at all. 

You can order a without a specific budget and let the professional creators offer theirs.

Moreover, you can always schedule a free consultation with us to receive guidance tailored to your needs.

Which Flow Should I Choose for a Brief?

When you start ordering a project with brief builder, the first step is to choose the flow.

I know what I want”? – If you have an experience and knowledge of making marketing campaign with augmented reality project, you can choose this flow. Moreover, choose it, If you have seen something that suits your brand, or your creative head already conducted the perfect brief for you.

“I need concept ideas” – choose this flow if:

  • You need expert advice
  • You’re not up to date with AR trends anymore
  • You’re not sure your existing idea is good, so you search for some other creative ideas
How Should I Pick the Right Creator from the Matched Pool?

Once you publish your order, our smart system will match you to the most appropriate creators. Sometimes you will be matched to more than one creator and you have to choose which one is best for you. 

First, establish the main 3-4 criteria that must be met definitely. These criteria can be very individual for a specific company. Second, sort the selected main criteria in order of priority. Third, check the creators’ profiles and portfolios. You have to choose the one that is closer to your needs, style, etc. Fourth, check the creators’ proposals. Choose someone who best suits your needs in terms of your objectives and possibilities.

How can I get augmented reality content?

First, you have to register and create your profile.

After filling in information about the company, you can start ordering your project with our brief builder.

There are two flows in the brief builder:

  1. I know what I want – we recommend this to people who have a clear idea of project requirements and can provide a brief.
  2. I Need Concept Ideas – it is for those who want to explore different concept ideas, with or without budget offerings. We recommend choosing one if you need expert advice, you’re not up to date with AR trends, or you’re not sure your existing idea is good, so you search for some other creative ideas.
Can I hire Creators directly, without a brief builder?

Yes, you can hire them directly. Go through the creator’s gallery and choose your favorite to collaborate.

How much do services cost?

Every AR content service has flexible pricing for all budgets. Creators are setting prices themselves if you don’t provide your budget and every project is individual. Prices depend on the complexity of the project. 

At Crosscreators, you can always order a project without a specific budget and let professional creators offer their prices.

Or you can schedule a free consultation with us to receive guidance tailored to your business needs.

What types of services do I get from AR creators?

Our Creators cover the whole AR landscape:
Social AR
Web AR
Application AR
3D modeling

How can I get my order after listing a project?

Choose a concept idea you love and work closely with the winning creator to refine and finalize your order. Full copyright, all yours.

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