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How Can Creators Use The Platform Properly – Guideline

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How Can Creators Use The Platform Properly – Guideline
avatar By: CrossCreators 5 Min read 858 Views

How Can Creators Use The Platform Properly – Guideline

5 Min read 858 Views

Building a good profile on the Crosscreators platform is tactically and strategically important. It’s possible to be a professional creator but misrepresent your own capabilities. If you want to get benefits from the platform. spend some time creating a pleasant profile. In this blog, we will go through the complete guide to crafting a perfect profile.

After you register on the platform, it is best to fill in basic profile information first, and then proceed to portfolio upload.

Basic profile information contains several fields. 

AR Marketplace website creator's profile settings screenshot


Click on edit profile

As you can see, the Edit profile section consists of 5 Elements:

AR Marketplace website creator's profile settings screenshot

And the first one is Basic Information.

Basic Information

Of course, you have to write down your name and surname, country, city, and spoken languages. At first glance, everything is simple, but we must understand the need to fill in each field correctly. It is possible that a country or a city has crucial importance for a brand and prefers a resident of his city to carry out a project that is close to the people, culture, etc. Your language skills can also be a boost for the client in terms of effective communication. In the Basic Information section, we should focus more on three things: Profile Picture, links, and Intro.

Profile Picture When uploading a profile picture, we may not think about its importance, but it surely is. First of all, we have to think about the issue of reliability. For a potential client, cooperation is done indirectly, and digitally. Therefore, we should try to be as reliable as possible. Do not upload a picture of a child, a photo of a favorite movie character, or anything else. upload your own photo, where you look gentle and perspective. It will be better if the picture is taken professionally, and if you haven’t hired a photograph for this before, don’t worry you can take it with the help of your own mobile phone camera as well.

Intro – This is one of the most important sections where you can write your unique introduction. First of all, before you introduce yourself, think about the client’s problems: what do you offer, what problem can you solve for them? Talk about what you are strong at. If you have experience in creating projects in all AR directions, you can say in general, but it is better to focus on what you are the best and most confident in. Don’t try to suit everyone, you will get fewer customers. In the intro, you can talk about general experience: how many years of work experience you have, what areas you cover, it would also be good if you write about your proud achievements. (For example, if you have top 100 creator status or something similar.)


Account Settings

In this section, we write our User Name. It is crucial to stand out from the crowd and have your own unique name. It’s up to you how you want to be remembered by clients. 

Mail Address – specify an active email address to which you will receive notifications. This notification will be helpful throughout your platform journey. Choose an active email address, to receive all the tips and tricks from us, and that to receive notifications about new and ongoing projects. 


Your Experience

In your experience section, keep your skills up to date. In order to meet the needs of clients, your skill set must be relevant and fresh.


Payment Method

If you are a US citizen we need to have your swift number, so you have to make a Stripe account. If you are an EU citizen we will need your IBAN number. Everything’s simple, Just add your Bank account information.


Notification settings

Here you choose which types of emails you will receive. We suggest you mark all of them: Subscribe to the newsletters – it’s good because you will be able to hear information about updates that are useful for you. By marking a new message on the platform, a job opportunity and other notifications, you will avoid missing anything.



AR Marketplace website creator's profile settings screenshot

After entering the profile information, we proceed to create the portfolio. Press Upload Project button, then choose the relevant AR direction and get ready to upload the most outstanding projects. Highlight your best works.

Determining the number correctly is also important: upload more than 3 projects. When posting a personal portfolio, indicate the name of the project, and upload a video. Then write down the description of the Project. Try to include the story behind this project – what was the objective, if it was for a client, what were the results, and so on.

Try to make the project understandable to everyone. A descriptive presentation of the project will make the individual work more appealing to potential clients.

Don’t include external links – Many creators don’t manage their portfolios on a webpage. They prefer to include their spark AR portfolio links in their cover letter when making proposals. That’s incorrect. Spending an extra 5-10 minutes will ensure that the brand gains more trust in you. When the company comes to your profile and doesn’t see the projects you’ve done, it’s very likely that they won’t contact you


Now you are ready to move forward and choose right job to apply.

If you need additional help, contact us on our support mail: support@crosscreators.com

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