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The Role Of your Creativity When Applying for The Job 

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The Role Of your Creativity When Applying for The Job 
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 639 Views

The Role Of your Creativity When Applying for The Job 

3 Min read 639 Views

The role of creativity is huge for your success when making proposals. For some professional creators, thinking about ideas can be too much of a headache and a waste of time. Perhaps you already have many projects for which companies send ready-made briefs. However, in reality, augmented reality marketing is not yet widespread. Most of the brands are quite confused and don’t know exactly what they want. These brands are willing to pay more to create more value, they just need your help.


Why should You provide Concept ideas to potential clients? (who needs that)


First, it’s easy for you – You have extensive experience in creating augmented reality content. You know the possibilities of AR and you yourself have witnessed AR interaction in various forms – so you know more about the results of AR marketing. Existing experiences help you be creative in ways you might not even realize.


Creativity can actually be converted into added value – nothing is free, not even your idea – maybe a minimal investment from you will be enough to keep the client enthralled with your idea. Even if you’re proposing a concept idea or simply applying for a prepared brief, get creative: show that you’re smart and creative- if the client likes it, you can consider it when offering a budget.


Creativity helps you stand out from the crowd

the programs each of you work on are common. Of course, it’s understandable that each of you has an individual style and the final projects will be different, but you should also use your creativity before creating AR. Besides you, other creators are sending the brief: maybe all of their offers are very similar to each other, and the client chooses yours only because it is different. So remember: always be creative. You can make experiences you’re truly proud of and can share them in your portfolio.


Brand who does not put a specific budget and content idea knows that you’re more experienced and appreciates your freedom 

The Role of creativity

Most likely, the brand’s experience with AR marketing will be inferior to yours and they know it Therefore, you can show your dominance in creativity. Depending on the client’s goals, and brand characteristics, you may come up with an unusual idea, but you can convince them of the success of your offer.To give a rough example: if you offer a try-on campaign to a pizza restaurant and make a try-on filter of pizza earrings, it will spread a lot on social media and the brand will become popular.


Don’t just wait for creativity from the brand: use your knowledge and experience. You can spend very little time on this and get much better results. Also, read the blog on why you should apply for briefs that have not identified a budget: AR Jobs Without Specified Budget. If you have missed it, join the creators’ community group on Facebook to get more helpful information and tips.

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