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Metaverse and Augmented Reality – how brands can benefit with it?

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Metaverse and Augmented Reality – how brands can benefit with it?
avatar By: CrossCreators 5 Min read 790 Views

Metaverse and Augmented Reality – how brands can benefit with it?

5 Min read 790 Views

It is no surprising that Augmented Reality, or AR, is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. A key difference between augmented reality and virtual reality (VR) is that VR completely replaces the user’s field of vision with an artificial world while AR overlays digital information on top of their existing field of vision.

AR has unraveled the world of new opportunities and the metaverse is no exception.

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AR, VR and Metaverse Explained

If you are new to this concept, the Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space. It’s a digital world that can be accessed through your smartphone or computer. The Metaverse is not just another online platform like Facebook or Instagram, but rather an immersive experience that is similar to real life. The Metaverse brings together all forms of virtual reality, augmented reality, and the internet into one interconnected environment where people can interact with each other across space and time without having to leave their homes!

Difference between AR & VR

VR and AR are both technologies that are changing the world, but they are very different from one another. One is not simply better than the other; they just have different uses and applications.woman with augmented reality headset


Humanising the Metaverse

It is a common fear that through these technologies, people will lose touch with their reality. Luckily, AR seamlessly integrates the real and virtual, which makes it more human than VR. In other words, VR equipment, like VR headsets, fully absorbs a person into the VR world, while AR enhances the way we experience the real world around us. Plus, It’s harder to start experiencing the metaverse through VR as it requires additional training and equipment.


Speaking of equipment, for instance, VR headsets appear to be quite costly. When it comes to AR, Anyone may reach into a portable device, scan a code, and be immediately transported into a customized experience. The accessibility is much, much better than a VR headset that may require some setup time, let alone the price.  Many people should be able to enter the new future through a large, friendly entrance and Augmented Reality is a perfect getaway to the Metaverse.

Immersive Experience

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AR is also a lot more immersive than VR. he ability to interact with the environment around you makes AR much more engaging than simply looking at it. This means that AR can be used in a variety of contexts and applications such as education, business, entertainment, construction, hospitality, end even for promoting NFTs etc.

How Metaverse companies (can) leverage AR

Captivating the attention of the customers

To begin with, Augmented reality is a great tool for marketing and advertising. It allows brands to create a more immersive experience for customers, making it easier to engage with them on a personal level. AR enhances the overall digital experience for users as it offers the perfect combination of physical and virtual components.

It is also a great way to promote products and services by allowing users to interact with them in real time. This enables brands to offer more value for money, as well as offer customers a unique experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Trying the product

AR allows customers to test out products. People are able to view a 3D version of a product before purchasing it via virtual and augmented reality. For a virtual tour of the car, automakers like Porsche and Hyundai have set up viewing areas and events online. Thanks to AR, customers don’t need to leave their homes to explore a new product because showrooms are now accessible without even leaving the house.

Interactive Live Events

In order to feel less isolated, remote workers will also be physically present in the metaverse. The metaverse can be more versatile and cost-effective, allowing for interactivity and collaboration. This is accomplished by viewing and resolving issues in 3D as opposed to the 2D constraints of current virtual meetings.

The use cases of AR in Metaverse

metaverse characters in augmented reality world



Introducing AR NFTs are both convenient and immersive. NFT artists can use sound, visual, or other virtual effects to create compositions that are more realistic and contextual. Additionally, NFT collectors can use smart devices to fully experience an artwork anywhere, at any time.


Play-to-earn (P2E) games reward players with engaging gameplay while also enabling them to obtain items that can be used in real life. The majority of games that use Blockchain to power their own in-game economy are on the verge of introducing AR and VR features. Players will soon be able to use virtual and augmented reality to experience their in-game assets. Additionally, AR and VR NFTs can produce a more immersive in-game experience, which strengthens the narrative of the game.


Did you know that it is absolutely possible to digitally try on a pair of shoes or a t-shirt at home before making an online buy? The potential of virtual try-on and AR NFTs can make this a reality. You’ll have a better understanding of the products you’re buying as more firms integrate augmented reality into every stage of the customer journey.


Augmented reality is the future of technology, and its ability to bring together the physical and digital worlds has paved the way for a metaverse that will revolutionize how we view the world. This technology is already changing how consumers interact with each other and businesses operate.

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