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Usage of Augmented Reality in construction sector

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Usage of Augmented Reality in construction sector
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Usage of Augmented Reality in construction sector

6 Min read 850 Views

Construction is one of the largest sectors in the world economy, with a value of over 10 trillion USD. The construction industry has grown substantially with demand for new buildings, infrastructure, and other services. Exploration has become an indispensable part of the construction industry. With the advent of Augmented Reality (AR) construction businesses are now capable of digitizing blueprints, models, and other complex 3D files to make them more accessible and user-friendly.

AR influences modern marketing, and construction marketing strategy must take this into account. AR strategies in the construction industry can have a huge return on investment. More and more B2B companies are choosing to integrate AR into their marketing strategy, making this powerful marketing technology a necessity for modern construction businesses. You can look into more benefits of AR marketing here.

Cases and benefits of AR in the construction industry

From fast-tracking project documentation to simplifying site management – let’s walk through cases that will help you understand why AR is changing the game for the construction industry.

 man measures size of construction using augmented reality

AR in construction maintains accurate and better workflow

Bechtel Corporation – the largest construction company in the US – implements AR possibilities in various ways.

With Image Tracking abilities, Bechtel developed a custom AR application to help monitor the progress of the installation of prefabricated superstructures. The company used AR to check the construction methodology and position of the critical transfer deck.

Accuracy is very important in the construction industry, particularly when it comes to measurements. Using the AR Bechtel team developed an accurate workflow. AR helps to avoid costly mistakes and keeps the project on schedule.

This is not the only case of AR in this company. Bechtel has begun to test AR expecting to improve training activities and safety procedures. For instance, lockout tag-outs are used to prevent employees from being injured by unexpected energization or the startup of machinery and equipment.

Construction workers are always at risk of unexpected injury. AR helps to reduce this risk and the number of incidents.

man locates a virtual building in a real environment using augmented reality

AR in construction provides a more engaging and immersive experience

Mortensen Construction is also a US-based company implementing AR for construction purposes. The company hired a team of 60 workers in its reality capture division to develop an app that engages clients with realistic 3D models of their building ideas. The goal is for users to get a virtual walkthrough before construction begins on anything at all. Here’s a more detailed video of the process.

This AR experience improves project outcomes and customer satisfaction in general. Engaging with AR early on in the design process can help to speed up the selection of the design, materials, and specifications. It also helps to avoid costly errors and changes that might occur when the project is further progressed. Directions, such as image tracking and the augmented world, make it easier for customers to understand what’s happening with their projects. It makes them feel like they’re part of the process and they are more valuable. It is not only about improving workflow, it gives you an edge over competitors. AR is a great way to promote your brand, too. Today’s consumers crave more immersive experiences and with AR possibilities it is only a matter of creativeness.

 man locates a virtual building in a field using augmented reality

AR in construction develops better communication

There is no doubt that AR plays a critical role in both construction and design, but it also is a great way to connect parties with each other, for a smoother workflow.

Every company is trying to reduce errors to their minimum. Trimble uses the SiteVision AR application that connects field and office operatives to the same construction plans. Design changes are reflected immediately and errors can be corrected quickly. Most importantly, everyone works from the same version of the plan at all times, with simultaneous updates. In this case, AR increases the quality of the building process. As a chain reaction – better quality leads to a greater number of potential clients.

Using AR in construction boosts sales through product visualization opportunity

Liebherr, which is a major German construction company, uses AR technology in its marketing, communication, and tower divisions.

Liebherr’s sales team operates with AR applications during showcases, to engage customers with new products and boost sales. With an app, the company can show the customers how engineering, design, and manufacturing processes work together in their product. Customers can also see what new features Liebherr has added to their machines or how these features are integrated into existing models.

With this technology, the company creates more features and immersive user-friendly experiences.


man locates a virtual building in a real environment using augmented reality minigame
AR mini-games increase brand awareness

As for the excitement, since gamification is a great way to promote products and engage customers, it’s no secret that this practice has provided many positive user experiences in the construction industry, too.

“My Country” is an ARKit-Powered city-building game where you can hold your device over a table or other flat surface, and it will show you an entire city rising out of nothing. It’s like building the whole country from scratch.

This type of AR mini-games can be used as an effective method to help people learn more about your product, service, or industry. Moreover, it can be an effective method to increase your brand awareness.


Try-on Filters – Always a good idea

John Deere is an American corporation that manufactures construction machinery. The company created try-on AR filters to promote both itself and safety protocols with its branded John Deer construction hamlet.  


 Wrapping up

In the construction industry – visualization is key to communication and decision-making. AR is an effective communication tool that allows designers, stakeholders, and contractors to visualize their designs on a virtual construction site.

The benefits of AR in construction are numerous. Augmented reality provides an opportunity for production and performance to be optimized at all stages from initial design through planning and implementation. AR increases understanding and communication between all stakeholders involved in the construction process.

Thanks to AR you can visually showcase your product or service in a way that makes consumers feel like they have touched and experienced what you have to offer before making a purchase decision.

AR improves various directions in this industry: fast and accurate workflow, better building quality, enhanced collaboration, safer working environment.

With more time passing by, AR is becoming an invaluable tool in construction – we may say that it’s even changing the future of the building.

No matter what field it is, AR is a strong weapon – and that is a fact.
It is time to invest in “non-traditional marketing”.

If you think about using AR strategies to grow your brand, it might be hard for you to know where and how to begin. That is why our team of experts is here to help with everything – from planning an AR strategy to implementation. Shape your brand’s future with Crosscreators.

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