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How To Win The AR Creator Challenge

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How To Win The AR Creator Challenge
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 1954 Views

How To Win The AR Creator Challenge

3 Min read 1954 Views


Get ready for the spotlight, because the CrossCreators Challenge has just launched, and it’s your time to shine! This isn’t just any competition — it’s your chance to showcase your talent, get noticed by top brands, and grab your share of a fantastic prize pool worth $5000!

Yes, you read that right! The creator whose project receives the most ‘likes’ stands to win a grand prize of $3000! And that’s not all – we’re also giving away $1500 and $500 for the second and third most liked projects respectively.

The competition is all about showcasing your creativity and encouraging you to keep your portfolio up-to-date on our platform. Remember, an impressive portfolio not only attracts more likes, leading you closer to the prize, but also makes you more appealing to top brands looking for innovative AR content.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of entering the competition – right from signing up on our platform and completing your profile, to creating your portfolio and sharing your projects.

So, if you’re ready to win big and take your creativity to new heights, read on!

How to take part

Step 1: Sign Up

If you haven’t already, you first need to sign up as a creator on CrossCreators.

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

Next, fill out your basic profile information. Not sure how? Follow our step-by-step guide.

Step 3: Create Your Portfolio

Press the ‘Upload Project’ button, choose the relevant AR direction, and get ready to upload your most outstanding projects. We recommend uploading more than three projects to showcase the breadth of your skills.

To make your projects stand out, make sure to do the following:

  • Name: Give your project a unique name.
  • Video: Upload a video to make your project more engaging.
  • Description: Write down the objective, results, and story behind the project. This will help make it more appealing to potential clients.
  • Avoid External Links: Brands gain more trust in you when they see your projects directly on your profile. Therefore, avoid including external links.

Step 4: Share Your Favourite Project

Sharing your projects is a key part of the competition. The more ‘likes’ your project gets, the higher your chances of winning! Here’s how to share your project:

  1. Go to your Crosscreators profile
  2. Scroll down and choose a project from your portfolio
  3. Click the three dots (…)
  4. Finally, click “Share” to copy the URL to your project

Spread this link among your network on social media platforms, group chats, carrier pidgeon, encourage them to vote by ‘liking’ your project on the CrossCreators platform! Make sure to use the hashtag: ‘#CrossCreatorsChallenge’ and tag some other creators to take part when sharing!

We’ve written this handy template so you can get started in sharing your work with your audience:

“I need your help! I’ve entered the CrossCreators Challenge 🎉 and uploaded my latest AR project on the platform. Please check it out and show your support by ‘liking’ my project at the link in my bio!

The project with the most ‘likes’ wins, so every single like counts!

To all my fellow creators, why not join in too? It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work and there are some amazing prizes up for grabs. I’m going to tag @Creator1, @Creator2, and @Creator3 to get involved!

Thanks for your support, and good luck! 🙌

#CrossCreatorsChallenge #AR #augmentedreality”

The Benefits of an Up-to-Date Portfolio

Having an up-to-date portfolio:

  • Shows brands you’re active and committed.
  • Displays your most recent skills and ideas.
  • Helps you stand out and increase your chances of winning the competition.

Terms and Conditions Highlights

  • Participants must be registered ‘Creator’ users of CrossCreators
  • Your project must be related to one of the themes: Fun, Beauty, Automotive, Fashion, Games, Art, Education, Travel & Tourism, Architecture, Food and beverages, Ecommerce, Hospitality, Retail, Real estate, Jewellery, Sports, Tech, Entertainment, Furniture, Banking and Finance.
  • Avoid content that includes or promotes nudity or pornography; explicit, graphic, or excessive sexual activity; crude, vulgar, or offensive language; hate speech, derogatory language, or inflammatory content; harassment, intimidation, or bullying; violence; illegal activities or substances; or any other offensive, obscene, or inappropriate content.

Check out the full terms and conditions here.

Now you’re all set to take part in the AR Creators Challenge! Remember, the more you share, the higher your chances of winning the grand prize of $3000. Let’s get started!

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