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How To Choose The Right Job To Apply? Creator’s Guide

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How To Choose The Right Job To Apply? Creator’s Guide
avatar By: CrossCreators 4 Min read 611 Views

How To Choose The Right Job To Apply? Creator’s Guide

4 Min read 611 Views

Don’t you know how to choose the right job to apply for? The number of jobs/projects placed on Crosscreators is increasing day by day. However, they differ from each other, and of course, you can not apply for all projects. Therefore, this guideline includes various tips on how to choose the most desirable and relevant project.


Take a look at the briefs of each project

Project Description – evaluate how clear it is, how well you as a creator understand and meet the requirements, and how well you will be able to perform it, that is, whether you have the appropriate background and skills. Read carefully to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

How To Choose The Right Job to apply

Audience – pay attention to the clients desired audience’s characteristics and evaluate how close they are to you, do you know these people, their attitude or interests, if you know what they might like, this will make you look like a better person, you will be able to offer a good proposal with interesting insights.

Goals – Assess how realistic the company looks at the goals. Compare the objectives in other briefs and evaluate their objectivity. When you choose the final brief, you will be able to share your experience in this part as well.

How to apply to the right job

References – with them, you know what is expected from you and you will understand better whether you can do this job or not. Sometimes clients might need little tweaks in the reference, read carefully, and don’t ruck to apply, before you completely understood the job offer.


Compare budget, time

The main variables that are key for the client are time and budget. If the budget is indicated but the time is not: This probably means that he is not in much of a hurry. The budget indicated is probably the maximum amount they are willing to pay. If it’s worth it to you, of course, you can choose the project and agree on the date necessary for its completion. There can also be another scenario: having a specified time, but not having a specified budget. Here, the client’s choice is determined by the combination of price and the creator’s capabilities. We suggest always offering the client a price acceptable to you. It is possible that someone is doing it at a lower price than you, but this will ultimately affect the results of the project – and this does not suit either party. Quoting a budget is a creator’s opportunity to convince the client of his professionalism, and for this, you need to have a well-organized profile and portfolio.

Compare existing projects with each other To Choose The Right Job to apply for

Remember that you are not alone and the competition is not that low. Accordingly, choose a brief in which you believe you are better than others.


Wait for a suitable project

Choose a brief that is closer to your abilities. Filter and leave favorites. Apart from you, there are other people applying for the project, so you need to know which project you will be competitive on. However, applying for all projects will also take your time and you may not get the desired result.


Focus on a project that won’t take up much of your time

A deadline is required from you, by which you will be able to complete the project. If you give a long time to complete a project, they may choose someone else instead of you, so focus on a project that you will finish soon. This is good in that you will soon be ready to move on to another project. However, you always have the opportunity to balance the time you spend with the requested amount of fee. The success rate will be added to our website in the future, which largely determines your professionalism and the choice of potential clients. Therefore, choose short-term projects in which you will receive high evaluation and feedback. Along with adding the success rate feature, we will definitely consider your past projects.


Try to find familiar brands

If there are brands that you have already worked with, be sure to fill out their application. The probability that the client will choose you again after the first successful cooperation is very high. Choose a brand that wants to work with you a second time.


Find a brief that is familiar to you

If the brand is familiar to you in the sense that you have already created a project similar to its brief, choose such a brand. It will be easy for you to get close to them: because you will be able to share your past experiences and make offers around his idea. The client will have more incentive to choose you.


Additional tips

After you decide which project to apply for, think of a good call to action at the bottom of the application:(example: Let’s start working on the project together). Think of something as unique as possible. We invite you to join our  Facebook brands’ community group for more tips and boosting your competence in augmented reality!


We wish you many successful projects on Crosscreators!

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