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Web AR Campaigns

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Web AR Campaigns
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Web AR Campaigns

5 Min read 1281 Views

6 Famous Web AR Campaigns

In today’s attention world, it’s hard to get noticed with many traditional advertisements. Brands are fighting for any opportunity to drive even more attention and don’t get lost in the competition. Ads are everywhere, and sometimes most of them are skipped. This is where AR marketing comes to help, especially Web AR.

With the help of Web AR, your consumers skip the social media middleman and access your immersive content via a hyperlink or QR code. As studies show, the interaction between brand and consumer drives even more traffic. Web AR delivers the same interactivity, but in a more accessible medium with greater reach.

Compared to app-based AR, Web AR is unlimited and more practical. Instead, to download apps, or logging in, this technology brings Augmented Reality to smartphone users via a simple QR code. It is a unique experience not only for customers but for brands too.

Web AR

Web AR campaigns bring benefits to retail or fashion brands, real estate, or automobile companies. It provides improved educational tools and opens up possibilities for video games that play against a real-world background.

Let’s start with campaigns that help to brand promotion, increase awareness, and provide interactive entertainment.

McDonald’s Canada

Web AR marketing campaign of Mcdonalds Canada

#BringHalloweenHome is a campaign of McDonald’s Canada for Halloween being very popular among mobile users during the pandemic. It is a branded WebAR experience that urges customers to order food for delivery while being at home in a contactless way.

The yellow door has been posted on McDonald’s mobile website and is activated by knocking on it as if smartphone users are trick-or-treating. After this, the door opens, and customers see a virtual world to explore, then an exclusive McDelivery offer becomes available. Users can take pictures and share them on social media.

In the results, the campaign has been viewed some 120,000 times, and reach was highest because people posted selfies from the AR activation.


Web AR marketing campaign of coca-cola

Campaign #Refreshwherevs is a new way to access AR content for Coca-Cola Africa. QR codes being on the packages bring customers to a branded WebAR page, where they can try on new face filters and share them on social media. This campaign was launched in 2019 and is still active.

The experiences are updated regularly with the new AR selfies therefore this campaign has kept people coming back again and again.

Coca-Cola realizes the value of its product packaging, so the brand used this huge channel to provide another big WebAR experience for its consumers. By scanning the label of a can of Coca-Cola, a consumer becomes a witness of one of 12 delightful stories. In each story, characters get a little fight, but it ends with inspiring and cheerful sentences like “let’s enjoy our passion together”.

It is a new word in storytelling that improves the consumer experience and makes it longer.


Web AR Jumanji project

By incorporating WebAr in the entertainment industry, the marketing of the mainstream media has improved. For example, in the Jumanji project, fans of the movie have discovered an immersive environment that can be activated by their voices. By voice commands, fans are brought into various virtual locations where they can play games and share their experience through social media.

This WebAR campaign was special too because it was the first case where voice control was possible. The campaign had some positive responses and became a finalist in the “best campaign” category of the Auggie awards. The sales dramatically increased, and the average dwell time was considered 5+minutes. It is 2.5 times higher than the average within this industry.


Web AR

For the promotion of its new Soundbar series, JBL launched a WebAR campaign. It tells consumers why Soundbar is so good, but it also shows them the product. Each of the customers can go to the JBL website and view a 3D model of the product. It doesn’t only focus on telling consumers why the Soundbar is so good, but it focuses on showing the product to them.

Because the Soundbar can be placed in every room, the AR experience allows users to move or rotate it according to their wishes. They also can view all the details of the product thanks to the 3D feature.
The visualization simplifies the purchasing choice impacting the sales too.

Mercedes Benz

Web AR

To bring another dimension to the product launch with the magic of AR, Mercedes Benz bought the public launch of the C class to live. They harnessed the power of WebAR in Singapore. The customer chose their universe and pointed at the target to unlock an immersive AR experience. The physical installation was bought into life with the help of WebAR.

As a result, AR gives the automotive industry extra gear. All within the mobile browser, customers can explore the exterior and interior of the car and learn about new features.

Ted Prothero

The business card is one example of how small companies or entrepreneurs can use Web AR campaigns. For example, one of the most famous real estate agent Ted Prothero used WebAR to promote himself. He stood out amongst his competitors. The business card with 3D technology didn’t require apps, and it was simple to use.

After pointing the camera to the QR code, the hologram of the agent was showed up and talked about himself like it was Star Wars worthy business card.

Talking about real estate companies, with the help of WebAR, they can host virtual tours to properties on the market. They can also add interactivity to open houses or tours.

From the above web-based AR examples, we see that Web AR is used not only by giant brands like Coca-cola, it is also beneficial for small companies too. What is most important, this technology only gets better with time. Don’t wait too long to establish your business name and increase the profit with the help of AR. Schedule a meeting with us and start your AR journey!

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