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What is Web AR & what benefits does it have for your brand?

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What is Web AR & what benefits does it have for your brand?
avatar By: CrossCreators 4 Min read 1417 Views

What is Web AR & what benefits does it have for your brand?

4 Min read 1417 Views

Are your customers stuck at home or prefer online shopping? Allow them a sneak peek of a new collection by a simple QR link. It is called Web AR – technology that doesn’t require a mobile application and is a new way for you to introduce your brand.

What is Web AR?

WebAR or web-based Augmented Reality is a digital technology that allows you to simply and easily share AR experiences via the Internet. It’s a new word in immersive technology which doesn’t require a mobile application to use. That’s the main reason why the popularity of Web AR grows rapidly: Any user can open a specific URL and immediately enjoy with digital experience.
No mobile app is required!

Man holding mobile and using Web AR in the street

Web VS App

If you would like to try on an AR experience you have two ways: standalone mobile application or web-based AR experience. What are the main differences?

Web AR search bar template

No apps necessary

The app is an independent program within your smartphone while Web AR lives somewhere on the Internet. The brand no longer has to send its users out to like Snapchat or Instagram to enjoy this digital experience. It’s all hosted right there, on the brand’s URL.

Ultimate compatibility

Web AR technology is compatible with over 3 Billion devices worldwide, across both iOS and Android operating systems. This enables AR experiences to be enjoyed across most mobile devices and browsers without requiring users to download an entire application. This ultimate compatibility means that Web AR reaches twice as many mobile devices as its app-based counterpart.

Web AR benefits

Web AR benefits

Simple to use

The app is launched by the app button, Web AR via the link in your browser. Customers don’t need to download any app. With Web AR, that is no longer the case. Customers can put the link in their browser and enjoy the experience.
Because of its simplicity, Web AR performs smoothly and is fast and effective.


According to the studies, there’s a 50% drop in engagement when users have to go through a download. That’s why app-based AR reduces audience reach. Many people don’t like to download an app and they prefer to easily access it with just a simple URL link, scan of a QR code, or tap on an NFC tag.


Starting from approximately two weeks of full development and launch, Web AR is faster to develop while applications require a longer time. But keep in mind that Web-based AR is also limited in functionality, and applications can fit more complex ideas and also be integrated into an existing application.

Low Price

Compare to app-based AR, Web-based AR is also cheaper in development. In the case of app-based AR, the more complex the structure of your application, the more money it will take to bring it to life.

Web AR in retail

Web AR in retail

Web-based AR does wonders for business, whether for retail or fashion brands and real estate companies. This immersive technology delivers the company’s message and demonstrates service offerings.

The studies show that Web AR compared to many traditional ways of marketing and advertising, outperforms the competition, increases loyalty and sales lift up, and intents to purchase. Some other benefits are:

  • The conversion rates and sales lift up increase up to 520%
  • Tracking interests of the brand’s audience.
  • Compared to app-based AR, Web AR has better audience targeting and retargeting
  • By adding interactivity to your brand’s content, you can make that information up to 80% more effective

Web-based AR is the perfect option for you to show off some particular features of your product, location, or even the brand voice in the fastest and simplest way.

For example, you have a furniture store. The app would be nice to have but you can simply recreate your products in web AR. With help of a QR code, you can bring your customers new and unique experiences. But remember that every new experience would need a QR or link and a marker going with it.

Web AR can be customized to drive new experience and value for just about any customer-facing industry. Please, keep in mind, that, it is always built on the base of some ready-made technology, so you also have to acquire a license to use a platform.

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