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Transforming Furniture Marketing and Sales in the Digital Era

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Transforming Furniture Marketing and Sales in the Digital Era
avatar By: CrossCreators 4 Min read 251 Views

Transforming Furniture Marketing and Sales in the Digital Era

4 Min read 251 Views

In this era of digital transformation with limitless possibilities, Augmented Reality (AR) is rapidly changing and reshaping marketing strategies in every industry.

AR became a game-changer in the furniture industry. Retailers do their best to create virtual product catalogs, empowering the clients to

check the products online, while clients use a variety of furniture AR-based applications to get the best shopping experience.

The furniture sector might not dream of a better condition to promote their products than augmented reality. It saves time and money while giving customers a broader range of products to choose from.

IKEA Place: Revolutionizing Furniture Shopping with Augmented Reality

The Swedish retailer was one of the first to ride the AR wave. When it comes to furniture shopping apps, IKEA is the one most people think of. IKEA’s augmented reality app, IKEA Place, allows users to virtually visualize and place 3D-rendered furniture items in their homes. The app shows what furniture fits in your space and how many of them look together. You are just one click away from the home furnishing fun.

IKEA wanted to enhance the retail experience, improve purchase decision-making, and reduce product returns. As a result, the brand lets the customers have fun with home furnishing.

The results are pretty impressive. Over 2,000 catalog items available at launch, 98% accuracy in scaling objects to fit real-world spaces, a significant reduction in product returns, and enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement. So, IKEA is everywhere where trends are.


Houzz: Boosting Sales and Enhancing Furniture Shopping Experience with AR

Another example of a home improvement and furniture shop that has invested in AR is Houzz. The brand aimed to increase sales, and enhance the furniture shopping experience.

Using the app, people can see 3D images of furniture in their actual homes. The ‘’View in my Room’’ button gives you lots of possibilities. You can move the furniture, or resize it to fit your room.

The results were impressive. They increased purchase likelihood by 11%, improved overall customer satisfaction by 25%, and saw a 40% increase in millennial customer engagement.

Anthropologie: Enhancing Furniture Shopping Experience with AR Technology

Multichannel lifestyle brand Anthropologie has implemented AR technology to enhance the furniture shopping experience. The brand aimed to increase engagement, drive customization, and adapt to digital shopping trends.

Customers can now access upholstery options grouped by style, fabric, color, and further customization possibilities, as well as examine pieces from every angle. AR technology increased user engagement by 35%, drove a 25% increase in customized furniture orders, and contributed to a 10% rise in overall sales.

Magnolia AR: Enhancing In-Store Experience with Limited Product Visualization

Magnolia Market teamed up with Spotify and created an AR furniture shopping app for their store. Despite the limited number of products available for viewing, the app provides an “in-store experience” for customers who are unable to visit their store in person.

An immersive in-store experience increased customer engagement by 40%, boosted remote sales by 20%, and received a 95% customer satisfaction rating for the AR in-store experience.

Hutch: Unleashing Your Inner Interior Designer with Augmented Reality

The Hutch app focuses on visualization: you take a photo of your space, and Hutch sends you a virtual design that effectively shows you how your room will appear if you buy the recommended items. They not only replace your furniture and light fixtures but also has a cool before-and-after feature. The feature lets you drag a slider between your submitted picture and the new virtual design.

The results were quite impressive and the brand was able to achieve all of its goals. An extensive catalog featuring furniture and decor elements, improved personalization and customization options, enhanced user engagement and satisfaction, reduced risk of unsuitable purchases, and increased brand interaction and loyalty. How cool is that?

In the era of experience marketing, consumers do not want to buy furniture without seeing the final version. With augmented reality technology, this anxiety of the consumer is resolved. People want to see virtual interior design ideas in real-time and AR suits their desires perfectly.

AR already took the retail business to another level. For the sector, augmented reality integration in marketing and sales is a blessing. Although the era of e-commerce seems a quite steady rise, AR brings innovative experiences and increases sales. And yes, brands do know that they shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

If you’re ready to transform your furniture brand’s marketing ideas into trendy AR campaigns, schedule a call with Crosscreators. We are here to help you seize the potential of AR and shape the future of your brand!

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