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How To Pick The Right Creator For Your Project? Brand’s Guide

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How To Pick The Right Creator For Your Project? Brand’s Guide
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How To Pick The Right Creator For Your Project? Brand’s Guide

4 Min read 404 Views

For a successful augmented reality campaign, you need to pick the right creator for your project. There are plenty of talented and experienced creators on the Crosscreators Marketplace, but that doesn’t mean you should blindly choose a project developer. We will introduce you to tips that will make it easier for you to pick the right creator from the matched pool.


Important criterias to look at 

Let’s establish the main 3-4 criteria that must be met definitely. These criteria can be very individual for a specific company: for example, your company may need a creator who creates augmented reality for social media or the web. We can also take as criteria: budget, deadline, experience, style, and direction. Criterias are good to create a shortlist of our creators.

Scale your criterias

Sort the selected main criteria in order of priority. According to priority, criteria for one company can be sorted as follows: time, budget, and quality; and – Quality, budget, time for another company. We can evaluate the professionalism of the creators, the amount of budget offered, the deadline, or other criteria numerically in order to more accurately scale the expected benefits.


Check creators’ profiles

Right Creator

Before hiring someone make sure, you check their profile and portfolio, to meet your taste first. According to the profile, it becomes easier for us to decide with whom to cooperate. you have to choose the one that is closer to your needs, style, etc. When you go to their profile, the following information becomes known to you:

Information about the creator: from here we learn about the creator’s work experience and qualification level. What type of augmented reality can he/she create, what is he/she experienced in, etc?

Skills – in the skillset, we see what directions of augmented reality it possesses. A skillset is a necessary prerequisite for connecting a brand and a creator. We understand that not every person will be able to translate these skills, but in case you have a professional team member in-house- you can also rely on these criteria.

Portfolio – you can evaluate the professionalism of the creator based on the portfolio. The first effect will be the visuals of the projects they have completed. However, it is also important to read the description of each project. This will give a better indication of how responsible or detail-oriented the creator is. Try to find a project in the portfolio that is close to your project needs. With the experience of creating a similar project, the creator can give us interesting tips and ideas


Look for experience signs to pick the right creator for your project

Access the professionalism of the creators in all directions: observe how detailed they have written cover letters, and how neatly they describe the projects in their portfolio. Additional signs of the creators’ professionalism: if the creator mentions the experience gained in a similar project, shares with you the goals of the project, the results, and other interesting details that helped the successful implementation of the previous project. Also, professional creators often ask additional questions that they need to complete this project. Sometimes they also explain in advance the details of how they will complete your project. Accordingly, you will be able to assess how creative, organized and adapted people are to your company. We also feature our creators on our Instagram page, so you can check it out.

Review Proposals

After publishing the details of your augmented reality project, creators will appear who are ready to take on the project. Go to the profile of each one, look at their portfolio, and see what they offer you in the form of a proposal.  Choose someone who best suits your needs in terms of your objectives and possibilities. 

✅ How a good proposal looks like:

Choose Right Creator/Developer

⛔ How a bad proposal looks like:

Bad Proposal- how to pick up the right creator for your project

Don’t forget to press View and Hire to get more information about the creator’s proposal.
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You can always count on our automatic matching solutions, if you write briefs correctly, you will be matched with relevant creators. You can find out more in this article:  How To Write Brief For The Project


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