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How Should Brands Define A Budget For AR Campaign?

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How Should Brands Define A Budget For AR Campaign?
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 437 Views

How Should Brands Define A Budget For AR Campaign?

3 Min read 437 Views

For marketers who are taking the first steps in using augmented reality, the main question is: How Should brands define a budget for AR campaigns? Determining the budget for an AR campaign can be difficult for some reasons: One of them might be that you have not done AR campaigns before, so you might not be aware of market prices. Another game changer is also related to previous experience – whenever you don’t have a specific direction chosen, that’s better to wait for AR experts to give you advice. We would like to give you some general guidelines on how to define a budget for your Augmented Reality order.


Placement matters

How Should brands define a budget for an AR campaign

First, let’s start with the directions. Augmented reality campaigns/projects can be created for applications, websites, and social networks. To learn more about these directions: you can read these Article. The cost of creating social AR on market starts from $500 and can go up to around $10K, Web AR prices start from $3-5K goes up to  $30,000, and App AR can cost around $40,000 to $100K. The general ranges look like this, but the final project price is also affected by: the complexity of the brief and the length of the license (if it’s needed) and of course freelance creators themself, they dictate their prices – which can be drastically less than market pricing.

Due to the fact that the creation of an AR project is not standardized, every creator has their own price for creating a project.


What should we do? Let’s consider cases:
If you have a specific budget for the campaign

When you are experienced in creating augmented reality campaigns and know the market prices, then everything is clear. If your company already has a predetermined budget, an amount of money the company is willing to pay, that’s great. You post a brief, indicate the price, and creators will appear who are worth taking on the project at that price.


If you  don’t know how to define a budget

That’s not a problem at all. In this case, we should make it as clear as possible to the creators – what you need, and how you want your AR project to look. In order to understand this, we must first know what possibilities augmented reality includes, which direction or Idea is more suitable for you from the existing practices. Maybe your company needs something new. The main goal is to describe what should be your AR campaign in action, and the complete scenario the user should go through from the beginning to the end of the interaction. 

The main advantage of our marketplace is that you can hear individual suggestions from many professional creators. Use their experience to create your order, maybe even on less budget compared to market prices. 

Proposals - How Should brands define a budget for an AR campaign

Still Don’t know how To define A Budget For An AR Campaign? – No Worries

Let the creators offer their own prices. You already know about the range of the budget according to the directions. Hear suggestions from creators, evaluate their proposals, and take a look at their past experiences, portfolios, and profiles. Decide which one is closest to your idea. Since this is your first experience with AR, you should decide in the process of communication with the creators: which one is better for you. 

So don’t be afraid that the budget is not defined. It might be better to define it After evaluating proposals made by the creators.

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