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Meet the creator whose effects have been reached 950M impressions

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Meet the creator whose effects have been reached 950M impressions
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 416 Views

Meet the creator whose effects have been reached 950M impressions

3 Min read 416 Views

Meet the next AR Creators Journey guest, Marcus Benisty. He’s passionate about Video Games and Digital Fashion. “The most important thing to me is to create or recreate something by using new ways of interaction”. He has worked with such famous brands as Kenzo, Valentino, Angele (singer), and Marine Serre. 💜

How did you start your AR journey? 

I started as a Social Media Strategist in a Digital Agency, then I noticed that we could create our own AR Experiences by using AR Kit, and mostly Meta Spark Studio. I learned how to create in 3D and interact with elements differently by using the world as a canvas.

What Is AR for you?

It’s the most interesting tool to create a new wave of experiences by using Physical interactions. It’s also a perfect match between 3D Art, Interactive Artistic Direction, and innovative way of interaction.


When did you realize that you had reached a turning point in successfully creating augmented reality? 

When I noticed that my effects have been used by more than +150M people and reached 950M impressions.

There are many skills needed to create a professional AR project, which of them is a must, and which of them helps you the most?

3D Design and knowledge in how to be “avant-garde”. The one that helps me the most is the fact of being always aware of trending topics and new features.

How would you describe your work, do you have a specific style?

My work is not homogeneous and this is what I like about AR. You can work on a lot of different topics with the same tool. My principal direction is to be creative by using these new features.

What or who is your inspiration?

My main inspirations are other AR Creators on Instagram like Denis Rossiev, Isabel Udo, and Marc Wakefield… but also Social Media creators like Pablo Rochat or Markus Magnusson.

Tell me about the projects you’re most proud of.  What makes them special?

I’m very proud of the latest Valentino Effect we release with The Sun Project team which is my own creative studio. We used Motion Capture to track the 3D animation and pushed it directly into 3D software to create this walking simulation. On my side, what makes incredible AR Experiences is the way to combine different technologies

Describe your working process. Do you follow the work spontaneously or do you have a plan that you follow?

I’m working on my projects at random times. I have no specific workflow when I’m working on my own.

How do you deal with clients’ feedback?

Feedbacks are very constructive but with clients, it’s complicated to be 100% creative related to their own KPI and sales mandatories.

What is your dream in terms of AR creation?

Working with brands that I loved when I was a kid (Pokemon, Nintendo, Super Mario, etc…)

What is your definition of Metaverse? What does it mean to you?

Metaverse is just a name that we put on something that already exists for a long time now. Every Multiplayer game is a metaverse and we are all experiencing it for a long time now. On my side, the most incredible metaverse is the Fortnite game which combines a lot of different licenses.

We are honored to share Marcus’ AR experience with you. We wish Marcus and his agency the best of luck. Follow us and don’t miss the previous AR Creator’s Journey blog 💜


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