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Meet Leonardo – the creator who turned a challenge into an opportunity

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Meet Leonardo – the creator who turned a challenge into an opportunity
avatar By: CrossCreators 4 Min read 413 Views

Meet Leonardo – the creator who turned a challenge into an opportunity

4 Min read 413 Views

Let us introduce AR Creator’s Journey’s Next Guest, Leonardo Ferraz.  Learn more about what augmented reality is for him, and how his work in this direction began and developed.

How did you start your AR journey? How did you discover Augmented Reality? 

I started researching on the internet about how to work with augmented reality. One of the threads about this was working with creating filters. I started studying. I realized that there was an opportunity to work with that. And a way to prepare a portfolio for when work demand increases in future Metaverses. It was a questioning stage of life. I am 37 years old and I have already done many important things professionally. But I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges. I’ve been good at many things. But never one of the best. I’ve seen many celebrities shoot videos with filters, lenses, and effects from creators around the world. This motivated me and I decided that I will be one of the best creators in my country.


What Is AR for you?

AR is art. First comes the idea. Then you have to create. Creation is art. Every AR creator is an artist. Through art, it is possible to impact people through creativity and emotion. For brands and companies, AR is a great opportunity to surprise, impact and thrill their customers. Instantly anywhere in the world.

When did you realize that you had reached a turning point in successfully creating augmented reality? What helped you with this?

I created filters, lenses, and effects for today’s main software. More precisely in Meta Spark, Lens Studio, and Effect House. I tested sending my creations to the social networks of this software. In one of the social networks, great influencers from different countries started recording videos with my creations. This was the turning point that motivated me and proved that the opportunity is within our reach.


There are many skills needed to create a professional AR project, which of them is a must, and which of them helps you the most?

You need to be familiar with computers. With just that you can create a camera filter following a video tutorial. Now if you are looking to make more advanced creations. You need to know how to use Photoshop or similar image editor and Blender 3D editor or similar. This makes it possible to make really cool creations.

How would you describe your work, do you have a specific style? 

I don’t have a specific style. I can create something basic to advanced. My direction is the end user. The answer they give is my inspiration. So my direction still changes. We are still at the beginning of AR technologies. I release new creations all the time to test which style reaches the most users. Maybe this will make me an expert in a specific style in the future. Because what I want is to create things that users actually use the most.

What or who is your inspiration and what would be your advice for other creators? 

My inspirations are the creators who already receive support from the companies that own the current AR software. Creators invite these companies to be ambassadors for their AR technology. My advice is that you try. Just do it. Take it one step at a time. In the middle of the way, you will know if this is for you or not.

Tell me about the projects you’re most proud of.

The project I’m most proud of. It’s makeup, body color, and glitter filter. Makeup was never part of my world. I don’t wear makeup. I don’t have a makeup course. Even so, I challenged myself and did it. I created a filter inspired by a single by a musician artist from my country. It turned out pretty cool. I enjoyed proving to myself that I can create for any style.

Describe your working process. Do you follow the work spontaneously or do you have a plan that you follow?

I like to be free to create. Ideas flow naturally. I work spontaneously. So I feel pleasure in creating.

How do you deal with clients’ feedback?

I read naturally. Feedback is necessary for professional growth.

What is your dream in terms of AR creation?

My dream is to participate in advertising campaigns for large AR software companies. Being an ambassador for these companies in my country. And record videos with celebrities and big influencers.

What is your definition of Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual environment where you can meet other people or objects wherever you are. I can be at my house or at the beach. And I just put on a pair of glasses or a lens and I can meet my student, work or shop and try out tennis.


People Who Are Not Afraid Of Challenges Are Bound To Succeed. Crosscreators Wishes Leonardo The Best Of Luck On His AR Journey. 💜

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