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Lita Heifetz – AR Creator’s Journey

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Lita Heifetz – AR Creator’s Journey
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 190 Views

Lita Heifetz – AR Creator’s Journey

3 Min read 190 Views

The next guest of AR Creator’s journey is professional Graphic designer, Illustrator, and  AR creator – Lita Heifetz. work is her biggest love and passion. She is always searching for inspiration and new tools for success. Lita has worked with such famous brands as Fishermen Labs (Ralph Lauren, Nike, Toyota), The Odderside, K8, Kopiszka. Let’s dive into her AR journey together!

How did you start your AR journey? How did you discover Augmented Reality?  What motivated you to start the creation of AR? 

I started my AR journey in 2019. Since that moment I have moved a bit from graphic design and illustration to the AR way. It started as beauty masks and now it’s mini-games and brand lenses.

What Is AR for you?

AR it’s a great opportunity to make people not just see something, but feel and interact with it.

When did you realize that you had reached a turning point in successfully creating augmented reality? What helped you with this?

When AR started being 75% of my work.

There are many skills needed to create a professional AR project, which of them is a must, and which of them helps you the most?

Hand drawing, sculpting in a blender. And of course tutorials about scripts and visual coding makes me feel the ground under my feet.

What or who is your inspiration? what would be your advice for other creators? 

I can find inspiration anywhere! In nature, my illustrations or content are from other artists, fashion shows, abstract art, or architecture.

Tell me about the projects you’re most proud of.  What makes them special? What assets were used to build that project?

I think projects that we are most proud of should be in the future to have the desire to grow. But for today my favorite is those on which I was working in the team. Like Ralph Lauren Roblox or other projects for Fishermen Labs. Also, projects for the contest were full of inspiration.   


Describe your working process. Do you follow the work spontaneously or do you have a plan that you follow?

Usually, I have a plan and then a wave of spontaneous decisions covers me totally. That is how art gets born.

How do you deal with clients’ feedback?

It could be an opportunity to jump a bit higher in a project then you have planned before, or an opportunity to explain to the client all functions of the platform.

What is your dream in terms of AR creation?

My dream is to make an AR performance in which people will dive in through visual images to the sensibility of textures and colors.

What is your definition of Metaverse? What does it mean to you?

Metaverse for me is a place where artists and nerds (as I actually do) try to hide from general problems that surround us in the world.

The Crosscreators team is very excited to have the opportunity to get to know Lita Heifetz. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Crosscreators Youtube channel to meet other successful creators! 💜


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