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The Impact of Augmented Reality in the E-sports Industry

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The Impact of Augmented Reality in the E-sports Industry
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 313 Views

The Impact of Augmented Reality in the E-sports Industry

3 Min read 313 Views

To keep up with the day-to-day demands of life, the world has used technology to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. It’s not surprising that Augmented Reality (AR) discovers new ways to transform the e-sports and gaming industry.

AR has come out as one of the advanced technologies that have helped not only gamers but also daily consumers to make use of the technology. AR technologies have numerous applications in the gaming business, ranging from improving the user experience to developing new gameplay elements. As the need for interactive experiences, differentiating from competitors, and enhancing player experiences during live events, Augmented Reality plays a crucial role to create innovation-driven gaming experiences.

Rokid’s AR Glasses at the League of Legends 2020 World Championship

Rokid provided AR glasses for the audience at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Attendees could summon an in-game dragon, view game highlights, and enjoy a personalized experience supported by voice and visual recognition.

This campaign was not only fun. It aimed to enhance viewer engagement, compensate for the limited physical audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and deliver an immersive and personalized AR experience to viewers and players.

Riot Games’ AR-Enhanced Marketing Campaign for League of Legends 2018 World Finals

Riot Games utilized AR technology to stage a live performance by the in-game band K/DA at the opening ceremony, offering unprecedented immersion and engagement for the audience.

The campaign sought to boost engagement among fans and players, generate excitement around the event, and promote the newly formed in-game band, K/DA. The 2018 world championship final was seen by 99.6 million unique viewers.

Diablo Immortal’s Web-based AR Marketing Campaign

Diablo Immortal partnered with Aircards and TripleClix to create a web-based Mixed Reality experience, enabling fans to explore Westmarch, the game’s setting, in WebVR, and virtually try on in-game armor using WebAR technology.

They wanted to generate anticipation for the new mobile game Diablo Immortal, engage users through immersive interaction, and educate potential players about the game.

Red Bull’s Interactive Avatar-Based Web AR Campaign “Win with Ninja”

The world’s largest energy drink brand Red Bull created a web-based AR experience that allows fans to bring an interactive avatar of professional gamer “Ninja” into their environments.

The campaign’s primary goals included increasing brand engagement, enhancing the brand’s digital presence, and leveraging the popularity of professional gamer “Ninja” to drive user participation in the campaign.  “Ninja” uploaded a video about the collaboration, which has been viewed more than 5 million times and received 189,000 likes. Red Bull’s video has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

Source: https://www.bidon-gs.com/5-best-marketing-campaigns-with-ar-in-2019

World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight Campaign: Bringing Virtual Dragons into the Real World

Have you ever thought about bringing virtual dragons into the real world? The Dragonflight WebAR experience allowed players to interact with virtual dragons in their real-world environment, creating an immersive, shareable interaction.

The campaign aimed at creating an engaging pre-launch experience for the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, increasing awareness of the new game content, and driving excitement and action intent towards the expansion.

Combining sports, gaming, and augmented reality is extremely attractive for many target groups. AR allows gamers and e-Sports enthusiasts to experience virtual content overlaid in the real world, creating a highly immersive and interactive experience.  AR marketing enables personalized interactions by tailoring virtual content based on individual preferences and behaviors.

To sum up, AR marketing offers innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the gaming and e-Sports industry. By delivering differentiated and interactive experiences, increasing engagement during live events, and providing personalized interactions, AR can significantly enhance the gaming experience and strengthen the connection between brands, gamers, and fans.  If you need a suitable AR solution for your e-sports or gaming projects, Crosscreators’ team of professionals is ready to help. Set up a brief conversation to receive an AR marketing strategy tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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