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Exploring the Future of Augmented Reality Creation – Jonathan Garcia Pirlo’s AR Journey

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Exploring the Future of Augmented Reality Creation – Jonathan Garcia Pirlo’s AR Journey
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 371 Views

Exploring the Future of Augmented Reality Creation – Jonathan Garcia Pirlo’s AR Journey

3 Min read 371 Views

Meet Jonathan Garcia Pirlo – our next guest on the Creator’s AR Journey. Jonathan has been making waves in the world of augmented reality. His work has caught the attention of many brands and we’re excited to learn more about his journey and the projects he’s most proud of.

How did you start your AR journey? How did you discover Augmented Reality?  What motivated you to start the creation of AR? 

I started my AR journey when I was studying at university and discovered it through advertising campaigns and video games. This interested me and motivated me to investigate more about AR to explore a new facet of my creativity.

What Is AR for you?

It is a technology that combines elements of the real world with virtual elements, generated by computer, to create a powerful user experience capable of generating unique emotions.

What or who is your inspiration? 

I am inspired by different things like dreams, movies, video games, art and the different ideas and concepts that I think about on a daily basis.

Come up with something about yourself that sets you apart from other creators. (AR direction that you like most, Passions… Anything you like and can be used to showcase your individualism)

I am passionate about sports, especially soccer, I am very competitive in the sporting and professional field, I also like crafts and I know how to make kites to fly in the summer. 

How would you describe your work, do you have a specific style? direction? Does it change over time?

I like and am inspired by the futuristic cyberpunk, technological and sci-fi themes, I also admire pop culture and classic anime.

When did you realize that you had reached a turning point in successfully creating augmented reality? What helped you with this?

Continuing to learn and improve techniques, work and constant discipline.

Brands you have worked with:

ELITE NUTRITION, ChocoPrints, Aqwamia

Tell me about the projects you’re most proud of?  What makes them special? What assets were used to build that project?

A project for the foundation mi sangre and a good social cause for children to use the filters and have a nice and fun time also the mystical pandora’s box in collaboration with the talented Kevin which we won in the Spark Meta AR worlds competition.


Describe your working process. Do you follow the work spontaneously or do you have a plan that you follow?

I usually have a work plan but sometimes I am spontaneous and great ideas come up.

How do you deal with clients’ feedback?

Calmly and with a lot of patience in order to reach the objective and for all of us to be satisfied with the final result

What is your dream in terms of AR creation?

Work on a project for the nike brand and focus on their classic campaign, just do it!

Most likely, we can’t exhaust all the topics and may miss your most interesting story. So If there are any interesting topics related to augmented reality creation, Feel free and share them with us.

I use artificial intelligence tools to be more practical and improve my work proposals.

How immense is the future of AR in your opinion?

The future of augmented reality is very promising and its use is expected to become even more widespread in the coming years. it has the potential to transform many industries, such as education, tourism, healthcare, entertainment, advertising, manufacturing and logistics. For example, in education, augmented reality can help students visualize abstract concepts, such as molecules in chemistry or cell structures in biology, in a more interactive and memorable way. In tourism, augmented reality can enhance the visitor experience by providing additional information about the places they are visiting. In healthcare, augmented reality can help doctors perform more precise procedures and patients better understand their medical conditions.

It’s been a pleasure to learn about Jonathan’s AR journey and his passion for blending the real world with the virtual. His dedication to his craft and willingness to incorporate AI tools in their work shows their commitment to delivering high-quality results. We look forward to seeing what exciting projects he’ll be creating in the future, as they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of augmented reality.


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