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Create AR Content On Demand Easily On Crosscreators

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Create AR Content On Demand Easily On Crosscreators
avatar By: CrossCreators 5 Min read 804 Views

Create AR Content On Demand Easily On Crosscreators

5 Min read 804 Views

Unique and clear content can enrich customer experiences and bring success to the brand. Because this term is so common these days, it’s hard to figure out how to create it. However, we can say with confidence that augmented reality in modern marketing is one of the leading technologies that provides a unique opportunity: increases brand awareness, increases sales, and at the same time offers unique content to customers.

Because implementing AR in your brand costs from $100,000 to $300,000, it brings some serious problems. The question comes up, who’s better to entrust to create AR content, which suits you the most: build an in-house team, have a freelancer, or hire a creative agency?
Let’s consider the pros and cons of all three.

Creative agency

AR content

Do you want to hire many specialists and improve your AR plan? Then a creative agency would be an option:



Creative agencies employ people who often attend various specific conferences, have diverse experiences, have a lot of connections, and most importantly, have knowledge in marketing. An agency full of specialists is capable of getting fresh ideas and insights. It is a truly important issue when we talk about AR content.


Less attention

Creative agencies work with other brands as well, which can lead to your projects getting less attention. Sometimes communication with them is chaotic and time-consuming. The results are not immediate, and it creates a lot of problems. If they stop, you stop too.

Lack of control

Sometimes, agencies don’t give you the option to be more involved in the working process. The wrong agency partner doesn’t appreciate your brand culture and makes their job hard in the long run.


For the cost of hiring, paying, and providing benefits for one full-time creative agency, you have an entire team of specialists working for you. If you do start going through quite a few agencies before you find the right one, you could end up spending tens of thousands dollars.

In-house team

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Managing an in-house team means that unlike having a creative agency you know all the details and are involved in the whole creative process.


Focusing on your brand

The in-house team’s sole focus is your brand, which helps them to take a part of your company culture. Saving time is very important in AR marketing.


Limited talent

If you want to have your in-house team, you need to hire individuals for each role. It takes a lot of time, but sometimes it’s not beneficial. Some employees are only good at 1 or 2 things, and there is no place for the marketing process.


While in most cases, there’s no constant need for AR in marketing campaigns, having an AR employee or in-house team leads to an under-investment of budget and time. Remember that costs can get quite high if you rent additional office space for the in-house team.


AR content

Hiring freelancers is a brilliant idea if you need someone with a specialized skill. 40% of businesses prefer freelancers for their flexibility and affordability.



Hiring a freelancer means that you save a lot of money. You have instant access to the best talent without the complications of managing an in-house team or having to pay a large sum of money to agencies that usually require a multi-month/year-long contract. In the case of freelancers, you don’t even need to pay them with other benefits.

Effective for small projects

Freelancers focus on specific things. It makes them very convenient to work on small projects. Keep in mind that if you want to create AR effects, you need a person who has the ability and knowledge in the sphere.


Searching for freelancers is the overwhelming process

Sometimes freelancers’ searching process is overwhelming. You don’t know their background and their creative work. It is getting hard to find a way, which brings you to the expert. Finally, the searching process becomes time-consuming.

Lack of communication

If your freelancer doesn’t live in your time zone, it brings some problems. Disconnected schedules, lack of communication can become irritating factors for both parties.

Decide which one to choose?

If not yet, I will tell you about Crosscreators, where you can collaborate with AR creators. No more hustle in searching talents. You can be matched with any type of Creator in a snap.

  • Simplicity
  • Rapidity
  • Safety
  • Affordability

These are the top 4 characteristics that why so many brands are already choosing Crosscreators as their go-to place to find AR talents.

Why should you choose Crosscreators?

A wide selection of freelancer AR content creators

Crosscreators network counts more than 1000 international creators. Freelancers are recognized by their style, skills, and levels. What are these levels? Every client wants to maintain the highest quality. Accordingly, we want to have our clients’ deepest trust. Hence we diligently curate all of our creators based on skill level, overall quality, and professionalism. You can choose between top, middle, or entry-level freelancers. Consider that you can find any creators from various industries.

Crosscreators offers you to choose a creator From gallery and hire them directly.
If you are not sure who to choose – place a brief and we will match with appropriate ones.
If you don’t know who to choose nor you have idea what to implement in AR-
Answer questions in brief builder- and creator will offer you concept ideas and budget offers.

Affordable prices

You can choose the creator whose price will be preferred by you. Content creators set their prices, and with this mode, you can buy their ready-made AR projects. It will save your time and energy.


Crosscreators offers you an automatic matching process. You can select any creator according to their style and individuality. Because our creators upload their portfolios on the website, the selection process will be much easier for you. Keep in mind that our Creator Curation team reviews each application to determine if the creator meets our quality standards. Therefore, any freelancer you have to work with is a professional. This simplicity will save you time when searching for seasoned freelancers.

Are you ready to bring the magic of AR into your business via our creators? Sign up now.

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