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AR Revolution: Transforming Tourism with Immersive Experiences

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AR Revolution: Transforming Tourism with Immersive Experiences
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 281 Views

AR Revolution: Transforming Tourism with Immersive Experiences

3 Min read 281 Views

The tourism industry is one of the key sectors that drive the world economy. From day to day, new technologies offer tourists a much more advantageous experience. In this sense, augmented reality is gaining attraction in the tourism industry, elevating the journey to a whole new level.

AR marketing can help travel and tourism companies differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering unique and immersive experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. An AR app could allow travelers to explore a destination virtually before they arrive, giving them a taste of what they can expect and helping them make informed decisions about where to stay, eat, and visit.

Augmented Reality’s Major Impact on Destination Awareness and Brand Equality

Dubai Tourism created an augmented reality Lens experience on Snapchat, showcasing four iconic landmarks and promoting engagement and word-of-mouth advocacy for the city. The goal was to drive engagement, build brand equality, drive awareness, and create conversations around Dubai.

The results were quite impressive. In the UK and France, 3.87% of Snapchatters went on to share their experiences with close friends and family. A parallel brand lift research verified that the campaign achieved an average ad awareness lift of +35pp in the UK and France2, demonstrating how memorable the experiences genuinely were. This campaign has not only spread joy and happiness among travelers, but it has also given them the actual drive to plan their next trip to Dubai.


How AR Amplifies Campaigns for Boosted Brand Awareness

Jabal Omar, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading development businesses aimed to raise brand awareness and connect with their target audience by encapsulating Makkah culture and paying homage to the holy city. The company utilized Lens and Snap Ads together to create and capture unique and transportable experiences, driving a significant increase in brand awareness and favorability.

What Jabal Omar was looking for was a novelty. They needed to differentiate from competitors, improve the customer experience and increase destination awareness.

The campaign rocked! It increased brand awareness by 16 points and brand favorability by 13 points. There were 22 million impressions, 39 seconds of average playtime, 411 thousand shares, and 261 thousand saves.

How AR Amplifies Campaigns for Boosted Brand Awareness

Coca-Cola partnered with Snapchat to transport users to two Iraqi landmarks with a Lens, while expanding reach through Snap Ads and Filters, showcasing Snapchat’s unique ability to deliver authentic, immersive brand experiences.

World favorite brand wanted to attract new audiences, improve the customer experience and increase engagement.

The campaign results were fantastic! The Lens garnered an average playtime of 35.1 secs, reached 2.6M across different regions in Iraq, and was saved 128,496 times.


Web AR-Led Immersive Experiences for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Yahoo’s Web AR-powered Augmented Reality Travel Guide offers an immersive holiday booking experience, featuring a 3D map with interactive touchpoints, live data integration, and a customized journey animation, in collaboration with Aircards.

AR helped Yahoo to differentiate itself from competitors, improve the customer experience, and increase engagement and destination awareness.

How You Can Use AR Portals For Event Wayfinding and Customer Experience Enhancement

The company developed nine location-based AR vignettes in Coventry, featuring WebAR portals and interactive experiences related to Conflict, Culture, and Industry, as part of the Coventry UK City of Culture’s event wayfinding infrastructure, led by Yousmartthing. As a result, they differentiated themselves from competitors and improved the customer experience.


Beyond the traditional experiences

In brief, augmented reality travel improves the traveler experience by making it more authentic and immersive. This is giving birth to a new and vastly enhanced mode of travel and tourism.

AR has enormous promise, and we’re only scratching the surface of what it can do. AR technology will become much more valuable for businesses in a range of industries as more people adopt it.

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