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Why You Should Use Augmented Reality Effects In Your Social Media Campaigns?

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Why You Should Use Augmented Reality Effects In Your Social Media Campaigns?
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 1332 Views

Why You Should Use Augmented Reality Effects In Your Social Media Campaigns?

3 Min read 1332 Views

A variety of filters have become an essential part of our social life. Their number and popularity are increasing day by day. For that reason, brands are already trying to create different types of campaigns consisting of entertaining filters and get involved in this big competition. AR filters are mostly found on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Accordingly, a direction called Social Augmented reality is being formed.

What is Social AR?

capture woman trying social media ar filter

Social augmented reality is when humorous, engaging camera filters are viewed through social apps (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok). These filters can be found with the camera function of these apps.

Which Filters Consist the Social AR?

The AR ecosystem is rich and full of filters. Any brand or business can find its own filter which will be unique and carry the brand’s voice.

Face Filters

The most common and shareable content on all of the platforms is face filters. This type of Social AR allows users to apply computer-generated effects to their faces. This is a unique and creative way to make your content enjoyable and thrilling interactive.

Voice Filters

Though small, this shows that filters are becoming smarter, and a much wider library can be able to understand. This type of social AR shows us how filters are becoming smarter and more understandable. Voice filters are used in two ways:

  1. Modifies the user’s voice
  2. Triggers an interaction or effect

Pet Filters

The first time, the pet filter was added to advertise other AR camera effects. But this type of filter was very successful. Today many pet food companies have benefits from pet filters which even has an impact on their sales.

Hand and Body Filters

The best way to engage your audience is by adding to your content hand and body filters which help users to use their hands or body as part of an AR experience.


This category of social AR is broad. Mostly it is an animated object/character that looks like it really is in our real world. That means that you can put your product in front of your user, which definitely raises your sales.

AR Portal

What is the best way to promote your products? What is better than when your customer can view the product from 360º angles without going out of the house? Nothing. AR portals will help to create a digital gateway for your product where the user will be able to stand within a 360º space once they step through the doorway, and view the environment through their phone.


Sometimes all you need is simplicity to bring your product to the audience. AR games give you the opportunity to allow your customers to interact with AR objects.


Attaching the “shop now” button to an AR experience can push consumers into making the purchase decision more easily. Snapchat and Facebook have these functions and they make a purchase through the platform more comfortably.

What benefits does Social AR have?

The purpose of using AR effects in social media can be beneficial for any brand. Here are some reasons, why you should think about using them:

  • Increases social media followers
  • Encourages users to share the effect
  • Creates a personalized immersive brand experience
  • Helps to gain high engagement
  • Capitalizes heavily on users sharing, therefore, prevents the price of AD
  • Expresses a certain tone
  • Improves brand loyalty
Background image for benefits of using augmented reality in social media marketing

Compared to traditional marketing, social AR helps you to stand out from the competition and build experiences that work for both your brand and your customer. But remember, If your AR campaign isn’t relevant to your product, engaging and/or useful to users, or it’s glitchy or hard to use, you’re wasting time and money. A brand interaction that is unforgettable means your campaign will work. A good experience can make a lasting impression and in a brilliant way.

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