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Which traditional marketing methods are no longer working and how can you fix it?

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Which traditional marketing methods are no longer working and how can you fix it?
avatar By: CrossCreators 5 Min read 262 Views

Which traditional marketing methods are no longer working and how can you fix it?

5 Min read 262 Views

Traditional marketing approaches are not shining anymore. Once the bedrock of advertising strategies has begun to show significant drawbacks in today’s dynamic business landscape. Have you ever thought why print ads, billboards, cold calling, and direct mail can no longer attract people’s attention? With the advent of digital technologies and changing consumer behaviors, people are turning to online platform, causing traditional marketing to lose its luster. Moreover, these conventional methods often yield a decreasing return on investment. As a result, businesses now face a pressing need to explore and adopt fresh, innovative approaches.

And here comes Augmented Reality! By merging the virtual and real worlds, AR creates captivating experiences for consumers. Interactive and immersive content lets customers engage like never before. AR creates deep emotional connections, tells compelling stories, and reaches a wide audience through accessible mobile campaigns. As the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds blur, Augmented Reality stands at the forefront of modern marketing. It promises unparalleled benefits for brands to connect with their audiences like never before.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Marketing Pain Points

Across various industries like retail, real estate, event marketing, tourism, automotive, and more, traditional marketing methods have presented common pain points that demand innovative solutions.

Some sectors face difficulties in measuring ROI and providing immersive experiences. Event marketing struggles with accurately targeting the right audience and creating lasting impressions. In the tourism industry, changing consumer behavior and the need for personalized experiences demand new approaches. AR campaigns offer cost-effective yet captivating experiences, allowing retailers to bridge the gap between virtual and in-store shopping. AR comes as a versatile solution for these industries. By integrating AR into their marketing strategies, businesses can overcome traditional marketing pain points and unlock a world of innovative possibilities. Let us tell you some inspiring stories.

Elevating Tokyo Olympics Experience: How Did AR Face Filter Make Miraitowa Come Alive?

When it comes to Olympics, marketers try their best to make it unforgettable. Same happened for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Joining Forces with Buck, Diligence Studio introduced an incredible AR Face Filter on Instagram, taking user engagement to a whole new level. The challenge was real: boost brand awareness for the event, drive interaction on social media, and create a user-friendly interface. The filter allowed users to become the official Olympics mascot, Miraitowa, as they mirrored its movements and earned coveted AR medals. As for the results? Well, the metrics remain a mystery, but one thing is certain – this creative collaboration left an indelible mark on the Tokyo Olympics experience, making it an event to remember!

Unleashing Delight: How to sprinkle a little AR magic into your next pizza feast?

Oggle, the ingenious pizzeria, took the dining experience to new heights with their groundbreaking AR marketing campaign. By integrating AR technology into their mobile app, they transformed pizza boxes and menus into portals of interactive fun! Customers could unlock an array of exciting features, including a family Trivia Challenge, exploring the interactive menu, and placing direct orders – all through a simple image scan.

Engagement skyrocketed, as users indulged in the captivating app, spending 40% more time navigating the playful AR world. The conversion rate soared, with a 25% surge in orders placed directly through the app, leaving no slice unsavored. The customers were more than pleased, with a whopping 85% showering Oggle with positive feedback for the delightful AR experience. Social media couldn’t resist the sizzle either, as shared moments of joy led to a 30% boost in brand mentions, making ‘’Oggle’s Pizza Night’’ the talk of the town. Oggle’s AR campaign is an exemplary showcase of how technology and imagination can blend seamlessly to create unforgettable dining memories.

Video: https://vimeo.com/75876635

Unleashing Creativity: How AR Art breathe life into traffic boxes?

Who says traffic boxes have to be dull and lifeless? The All of Us Research Program teamed up with local artists to transform these ordinary fixtures into extraordinary works of augmented reality art! By simply scanning QR codes on the boxes, users are transported into captivating 3D scenes that embody the program’s core values. The interactive experience not only sparks curiosity but also drives a greater purpose – promoting diversity and inclusion in health research.

Awareness of the All of Us Research Program has soared as the AR art installations served as captivating educational tools. Engagement reached new heights. Participants were spellbound by the immersive 3D storytelling that brought the program’s mission to life. The impact has been nothing short of astounding! Enrollment in underrepresented communities in biomedical research has surged, breaking barriers and creating a vibrant tapestry of diverse voices.

Unleashing the Magic of In-Store Experience: How Did AR Furniture Shopping App Redefine Customer Interaction?

Magnolia AR, founded by Joanna and Chip Gaines, introduced an AR furniture shopping app in collaboration with Spotify. Magnolia redefining the way customers interact with their favorite pieces.

The impact has been truly magical! Customer engagement soared to new heights, with a remarkable 40% surge in interactions with the app’s virtual treasures. Remote sales witnessed a tangible 20% boost, as customers embraced the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes without compromising on the immersive experience. The real gem, however, lies in the customers’ reactions, as a staggering 95% expressed sheer delight and satisfaction with the AR-powered in-store journey.

Wrap up

Augmented Reality enables businesses to re-engage audiences and craft unforgettable experiences, positioning them for sustained success in a digitally immersive era. We encourage you to explore AR possibilities for your own business, leveraging our AR marketing services or platform to conquer your unique marketing challenges. Embrace the future of marketing and embark on a journey of innovation with AR today! Book a call with Crosscreators here.

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