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Which flow to choose? “I know what I want” or “I need concept ideas”?

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Which flow to choose? “I know what I want” or “I need concept ideas”?
avatar By: CrossCreators 2 Min read 637 Views

Which flow to choose? “I know what I want” or “I need concept ideas”?

2 Min read 637 Views

Crosscreators is a marketplace that has unique features, for those who don’t know exactly what type of experience they want to use for their marketing or sales campaigns,  And also for those who know exactly what type of content they need to order. Crosscreators has two main flows, and this guide will answer – when and which flow to choose? In fact, the flow name speaks for itself but sometimes it needs more clarification, to know regarding your place and which flow to choose.

Which flow to choose?

When to choose: “I know what I want”

It is desirable, but not necessary, that you have experience in creating a marketing campaign/project in the direction of augmented reality. If you have seen something that suits your brand, or your creative head already conducted the perfect brief for you.  When you write the brief ourselves, it is no longer necessary to indicate such information as, for example, target audience, goals, or achievements. When you ask creators for a concept idea, there are additional fields to fill out that help creators provide suggestions.

 When to choose: “I need concept ideas”

The main reason you have to choose this direction lies in your experience level, but besides them, you might choose this flow if:

  1. You need expert advice
  2. You’re not up to date with AR trends anymore
  3. You’re not sure your existing idea is good, so you search for some other creative ideas. One brain is better but thousands are even better, right? 
What is happening at this time? 

Our creators’ community is gathered to propose to you relevant and effective ideas. Creators will provide you with ideas, and references, and you’ll have a rough idea of ​​options for potential future campaigns. However, you still need a minimum understanding of augmented reality. For this, you can be guided E-book can download for free. 

In the end, with the combined knowledge, you will be better informed about what you need. However, it is important to define what you want in the end: Augmented reality is a very effective tool of the modern marketing campaign, which offers a lot of possibilities. Therefore, if you familiarize yourself with its capabilities, and get acquainted with examples of augmented reality, you will definitely come up with a campaign that will work very effectively to achieve any marketing objective. For more information and support join Crosscreators’ Brands’ Community Group

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