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Unveiling the Power of AR Marketing: Behind the Scenes of the CrossCreators Challenge

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Unveiling the Power of AR Marketing: Behind the Scenes of the CrossCreators Challenge
avatar By: CrossCreators 4 Min read 520 Views

Unveiling the Power of AR Marketing: Behind the Scenes of the CrossCreators Challenge

4 Min read 520 Views

In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, innovation knows no bounds. At CrossCreators, we believe that every business, regardless of its size, should have access to the transformative power of Augmented Reality (AR) marketing. This belief led us to embark on an inspiring journey—the CrossCreators Challenge. Our motivation was clear: to dispel the notion that AR marketing is a privilege reserved for large corporations with substantial budgets. We envisioned a level playing field where small and medium-sized businesses could harness the magic of AR to captivate their audiences in unprecedented ways.

In our competition, the winner was Disruptor London. Disruptor London is a great natural cosmetic brand that has very strong values around sustainability, mindful consumption, and incredible product quality. The company was born as an at­ti­tude and a vi­sion that en­com­pass­es all ar­eas of man­u­fac­tur­ing, re­search and commercialization of per­son­al care prod­ucts. And yet, at the core, it’s all about people and plan­et. They only use ve­g­an and cru­el­ty-free in­gre­di­ents. If the in­gre­di­ent has a bi­o­log­i­cal ori­gin, we make sure that they are or­gan­ic and cer­ti­fied by Cos­mos or Eco­cert. Crosscreators explain their concept with AR so detail.

In this blog, we delve into the genesis of the challenge, its profound impact, and the remarkable partnership that unfolded.

– What was the inspiration behind organizing the Crosscreators AR marketplace giveaway?
– The driving force behind the CrossCreators Marketplace Challenge was to enlighten SMBs about the manifold advantages of AR marketing for their operations. Our mission was to demystify the notion that AR marketing is exclusively the domain of large, well-funded corporations. With CrossCreators, the process of curating dynamic AR marketing campaigns becomes straightforward and available to all.

– How was the concept for the challenge developed? Were there specific goals you aimed to achieve through this competition?
– Our overarching goal was to inform brands of the remarkable impact AR marketing can have on their businesses and to debunk prevalent myths. By offering two companies a complimentary AR experience produced by our marketplace’s creators, we aimed to highlight statistics such as AR content having 70% superior memory retention compared to other media and its longer viewing duration. Moreover, we aimed to rectify the misconception about the high cost of AR, showing that with platforms like CrossCreators, high-quality AR content can be both affordable and secure.

– Could you walk us through the process of evaluating the submissions and ultimately selecting “Disruptor London” as the winner?
– Brands expressed their interest in the challenge via our website. From these entries, winners were drawn randomly.

Can you provide insights into the filter or AR experience that Disruptor London created as their winning entry?
– Disruptor London, represented by Sira and Juan, sought to amplify the essence of their sustainable Multi-Purpose Shampoo Bars. Prioritizing the ingredient transparency, we collaboratively developed a rich AR experience:

Ingredient Visualization: As users activated the filter, individual ingredients from the shampoo bar dynamically appeared, orbiting around their face. Each ingredient was intricately detailed, replicating its true texture and form, thanks to high-resolution images.

Animated Transformation: Following this, in a delightful transition, these hovering ingredients combined seamlessly to form the distinct shape of the shampoo bar. This transformation wasn’t just a mere change of visuals; it portrayed the bar’s rich composition and the essence of every ingredient contributing to its final form.

Multi-Purpose Application: Adding a touch of whimsy, the AR effect made the shampoo bar virtually rub against the user’s head, face, and body. As it moved, bubbly animations were generated on the user’s avatar, underscoring the multipurpose utility of the bar.

Final Touch: Once the cleansing process was virtually completed, users were enveloped in a shimmering sparkle animation, symbolizing the freshness and cleanliness achieved with the product.

Realism & Engagement: The whole experience was not just immersive but rooted in realism. Despite being magical and engaging, the AR filter maintained the genuine look of the ingredients and the shampoo bar, ensuring users got both an educational and entertaining experience.

– How did you collaborate with Disruptor London to refine and develop their concept into a functional AR filter?
– Our collaboration was all-encompassing – from brainstorming and concept development to engaging with creators for content creation, fine-tuning the concept, and strategizing its launch.

– What are some lasting benefits of such challenges for both participants and the organizing platform?
– Challenges like these enable businesses to dip their toes into the vast ocean of AR possibilities. 

– Looking ahead, do you plan to organize more challenges like this? How do you envision the evolution of the Crosscreators AR marketplace?
– Absolutely, challenges like these are integral to our roadmap. Stay tuned and register to remain updated!

We hope this challenge serves as a testament to the untapped potential of AR in reshaping marketing and brand engagements. Disruptor London’s victory showcases how businesses, regardless of their size, can effectively leverage AR for meaningful brand storytelling. Through challenges like this, we aim to empower brands to explore new frontiers in marketing, while also demonstrating CrossCreators’ commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and accessibility in the AR space. We encourage both current and potential community members to embrace these evolving tools and the endless opportunities they present.

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