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How to boost new year campaigns with augmented reality?

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How to boost new year campaigns with augmented reality?
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 400 Views

How to boost new year campaigns with augmented reality?

3 Min read 400 Views

The best season of the year is here! Brands need to think about their Christmas and New Year’s plans. Christmas is a very competitive time of year for brands, making it more difficult to get our customers’ attention. Brands may use augmented reality as a powerful tool to entertain and entice customers to buy more products. 


Smaller businesses can participate in the Christmas season in a variety of ways, even if major brands tend to attract customers and encourage them to spend more money than they otherwise would. This holiday season, augmented reality can be the ideal trump card for your company. This interactive tool will not only hold the attention of your audience but also encourage them to spend more money on your services and products. And there are countless opportunities with this technology. View a few of the suggestions we have for you!


Change your gifts for your best customers!


Revive Wine bottle label


Your clients and coworkers will appreciate a bottle of quality wine as a new year gift. But why don’t you go above and above this year and give this bottle life? The label on your wine bottle can say much more than just “Merry Christmas” since, as we already know, anything is possible thanks to AR’s magic. Anything from your brand logo to a portal leading you to Santa’s toy factory at the North Pole may be the result. Additionally, it needn’t be just wine! You may use interactive labels to send practically any product you choose!


 Congratulate with the immersive cards


Open this link on a mobile device to see the effect

The simplest method to let your consumers know you appreciate them over the holiday season is with Christmas cards. If you want to deliver a personalized message, this kind of Christmas gift is ideal. You can write content that most accurately captures your holiday spirit and business image. However, it doesn’t have to be just some pretty paper. You can send this card via email as well and With the application of AR, your Christmas card might transform from straightforward to distinctive and imaginative with just one scan and appear in customers’ physical reality.


Make your customer play with your products


The success of the campaign is all but guaranteed thanks to the popularity and use of social media, which is another excellent venue for showcasing your company’s Christmas approach. Placing digital visuals in a physical setting will engage and delight your audience. Since AR filters are the audience’s favorite and are shared far more than conventional non-immersive material, you may target your current users while also reaching out to potential new customers. Christmas is the ideal time to accomplish this because there are so many imaginative things you can do at this time of year.


Innovative unboxing idea


Allow your customers to become your brand ambassadors with branded AR filters


Leverage Social Media face filters: Leverage social media platforms to share your augmented reality experiences with your customers. Create a hashtag for the campaign and encourage customers to share their experiences. This will help spread the word about your campaign and create a buzz around it.


Use Gamification and rewards customers


Use gamification elements to make your augmented reality experience more enjoyable for customers. This could include puzzles, challenges, and rewards that customers will gain after they create user generated content or tag their friend.


Final words


​​Since people are more eager to get into the holiday mood during this time of year, the holiday season is the ideal time to generate buzz with unique advertising. If you want to make your own AR effect with a Christmas theme but aren’t sure where to start, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be pleased to assist!

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