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Crosscreators is Backed by Startup Wise Guys XR Program

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Crosscreators is Backed by Startup Wise Guys XR Program
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 354 Views

Crosscreators is Backed by Startup Wise Guys XR Program

3 Min read 354 Views

Crosscreators was ranked among the top 10 worldwide and joined a 5-month intensive acceleration program. After a five-level selection stage, out of 600 applications, the startup was lucky enough to be among the 10 selected startups that kicked off Startup Wise Guys’ first-ever XR program batch.

Startup Wise Guys (SWG) is one of the leading investors in the broader CEE and CIS regions, as well as Nordics. With 300+ successful startups in their portfolio, they have the experience and knowledge to help startups’ growth – sustainably, wisely, and globally. Selected candidates get an intense, high-energy, straightforward approach to coaching from practitioners.

Wise Guys XR – Malaga acceleration program is for B2B AR, XR, and other startups exploring the possibilities of the metaverse with global ambitions. An intensive 5-month program, cutting-edge industry knowledge, expertise, and the prospect of connecting with over 350 mentors and 200 investors are only a part of the program benefits. Startup Wise Guys has four verticals – B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cyber, Sustainability, and XR. The acceleration program for XR startups is an invaluable opportunity for every startup in the sector.

A 5-months long hybrid mentors-driven program takes place in different cities of Europe.  The accelerator is primarily sales and scaling focused with a fundraising component helping teams be in a position to raise the next funding round within 6 months.

Crosscreators took part in the XR accelerator program, which was even more important. Industry experts share their experiences with the participants of the program. As founder and CEO of Crosscreators, Ani Manjavidze notes, participation in Startup Wise Guys means a huge validation and it also has a crucial role in further investments as well. ”Meeting with creative founders and being mentored by amazing people really made the program an absolutely incredible experience.” – adds Ani.

22 founders from different countries and cultures gathered together to get new experiences and knowledge. Startup Wise Guys’ journey into developing XR took projects to Malaga and explored topics around next-generation technology, business-to-business opportunities, and development. The long list of use cases includes health care, education, training, influencer marketing, brand engagement, music, cloud computing, gaming, collaborative design, and talent management. Maybe these are the reasons that make the program the hottest B2B startup accelerator in Europe.

While the program came with a fast-paced intensive setup, selected startups had one-on-ones with mentors, coaches, and guest industry experts. Feedbacks from all the batch members and experts speak to the quality and depth of this experience.

 From China to South Africa, passing through the US, Mexico, Brazil, and Jamaica, jumping along the road to Georgia and Armenia, and of course CEE, program participants explored VR and AR technologies, artificial intelligence, 3D modeling, etc. Being largely complementary to each other the startups work on their unique products with that creating an additional synergetic level of healthy competition.

Gathering passionate and creative people together, who love what they are doing and nothing is going to stop them, gives others more and more motivation. Crosscreators think that the program brought much more expertise in the industry, as well as new contacts and visibility. While the program opens the way for Crosscreators, the startup continues development.

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