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Showcasing Furniture by Using Augmented Reality

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Showcasing Furniture by Using Augmented Reality
avatar By: CrossCreators 5 Min read 768 Views

Showcasing Furniture by Using Augmented Reality

5 Min read 768 Views

Imagining daily lives without smartphones is impossible – life is in the pockets. Myriad changes in technology had a strong impact on every sphere of life. A promising technology that makes our life more modern and easier is used by numerous industries. So is furniture. Augmented reality for the furniture industry is getting one of the most effective tools for brands.

How AR can be used for furniture businesses

Augmented Reality (AR) has shown that it can boost sales, decrease returns and improve customer experiences in the furniture retail industry. The industry is getting more modern and modular day by day. AR became a game-changer in the furniture industry. Retailers do their best to create virtual product catalogs, empowering the clients to actually check the products online, while clients use a variety of furniture AR-based applications to get the best shopping experience. People want to see virtual interior design ideas in real-time and AR suits their desires perfectly.

Ikea uses augmented reality for selling furniture

Moreover, it is very effortless to purchase products on the online store by positioning the products from your smartphone. In the era of experience marketing, consumers do not want to buy furniture without seeing the final version. With augmented reality technology, this anxiety of the consumer is resolved.

Those who want to buy furniture can decide more easily what type of product they want, with many color and fabric preferences. Augmented reality furniture placement helps not only the brands, but customers.  They can create furniture alternatives according to their dream world, experience living spaces, and order more comfortable ones.

The furniture sector might not dream of a better condition to promote their products than augmented reality for presenting the products. According to the survey done in 2021, more than 60% of customers preferred buying furniture from companies offering AR tools. It saves time and money while giving customers a broader range of products to choose from.

Impact of augmented reality on the furniture industry

Many furniture brands are already actively using augmented reality in their marketing strategies. A number of examples show the concrete results that AR can bring. Here are some of the examples.

IKEA Changed furniture shopping through AR technology

It is impossible to speak about furniture and AR without IKEA. The Swedish retailer was one of the first to ride the AR wave, so when it comes to furniture shopping apps, IKEA is the one most people think of. It became the first mover by launching its application back in 2017.

3D visualization to build confidence of the brand

IKEA found a solution for the pain points of the customers and let them have fun with home furnishing. With just one click, you scan your room or empty area of the floor and that’s it! The app will show you what furniture will fit in your space. Of course, you can try more products and check how all of them look together.

If you have dreamed about a fitted wardrobe, it came true with IKEA PAX. By virtue of AR, you decide the size, color, style and anything that might come into your mind. So, here you are. You get exactly what you always wanted.

Man locates Ikea sofa in the room using augmented reality

Face-filters to raise brand awareness

The brand is not afraid to use face-filters either. So, IKEA is everywhere where trends are. Do you want to know which IKEA icon you are? Or you can try a filter made by @videorbit.studio which gives the opportunity to enjoy IKEA lightning on your face.

man uses ikea's augmented reality face filter

Web-native AR to enrich online shopping

Canadian furniture retailer EQ3 wanted to improve the online shopping experience of its customers. To do so, the brand introduced web-native AR, allowing their customers to examine augmented reality without a mobile application.

scanning QR to locate a piece of furniture in a real environment using augmented reality

Portal to boost sales

Brands do know why to bring AR into people’s lives. So is MADE – an interior brand with a strong belief that everyone deserves a great design. Instagram AR filter for MADE, allows people to enter a portal into an apartment furnished with MADE’s furniture. Alternatively, potential customers can use the “selfie mode” to be virtually placed inside the apartment and explore each room in 360 degrees. Try out a face filter to discover their trendy Never Ordinary furniture collection.

Benefits of using AR for furniture industry

  • Try before you buy – Physical objects with digital content allow trying out furniture, not worrying about bad decisions. Customers can see how new furniture would look in their apartment in real-time and without risks.
  • Building confidence in your brand – by enabling your customers to try before buying, with the help of AR technology, you build trust and confidence. SeekXR statistics point to a 25% reduction in product returns.
  • Product customization – The opportunity to visualize and modify the size, color, and placement of furniture helps companies to cut down on the anxiety of customers. According to Think Mobiles, 77% of shoppers would like to use AR to see product differences, such as a change in color or style.
  • In-store engagement – AR is convenient for customers to look up product information, reviews and prices. Companies can use digital imagery throughout the store to share information, tips, tricks, and how-tos.
  • Dividends for your brand – Investing in web-native AR solutions for furniture will pay rich dividends for your furniture business. It has a higher adoption rate compared to conventionally created AR apps.


Augmented reality is coming closer to our life and already took the retail business to another level. For the sector, augmented reality integration in marketing and sales is a blessing. Although the era of e-commerce seems to be quite a steady rise, AR brings innovative experiences and increases sales. And yes, brands do know that they shouldn’t miss the opportunity. If you think about how to transfer your brand’s marketing ideas into trendy AR campaigns, Crosscreators is here to help. Schedule a quick meeting.

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