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Augmented Reality for Music Industry – Innovative Marketing Opportunity

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Augmented Reality for Music Industry – Innovative Marketing Opportunity
avatar By: CrossCreators 5 Min read 2134 Views

Augmented Reality for Music Industry – Innovative Marketing Opportunity

5 Min read 2134 Views

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the significant concepts in tech nowadays. It superimposes digital objects into the real world using a camera.
How exactly can it enhance your Music marketing campaign? The combination of AR technology and content creation provides an innovative way to connect with your audience. Here are some more insights into AR marketing.

AR is essentially the technology that makes mobile phones and tablets so powerful. It can be applied to literally everything – from gaming to advertising, and so on. There is no surprise that there are several use cases of Augmented Reality for the music industry, too. Our topic and key question here is:

How can augmented reality empower the music industry?

usage of augmented reality for live concert

AR can be used to create a more immersive experience for both fans and artists. The nature of the music is very sensitive and peculiar and it is not easy to enhance it even more. However, as of now, we have learned that AR possibilities are endless.

In the music industry, where product creation is highly valued, AR is a natural fit. It is an alternative form of storytelling filled with creativity.

AR makes concerts and campaigns more engaging. Increases the memorability and shareability of music. This technology also helps to sell more merchandise.

Let’s explore and walk through the cases of AR in the music industry.

Image tracking possibilities for unforgettable experience

augmented reality experience for Sam Smith's music single

In October 2020, Sam Smith collaborated with Spotify to produce a 3D AR music video for their single “Diamonds”, which could be viewed on another device when users scanned the album art. Using Image Tracking AR technology, “Diamonds” is the immersive experience to trigger and track multiple volumetric video captures – creating a truly holographic effect. Fans can see miniature AR versions of their favorite star and release a shower of diamonds. Sam’s art merged with innovative technology to create a groundbreaking experience that will live on within digital space eternally.

Ever since its launch, the activation has gained traction and engaged consumers from around the globe. The uniqueness of this experience drew the attention of Rolling Stones and Musically. It also earned an FWA award.  

Enchanting concert audience with Augmented World

augmented reality experience at Coachella music festivalUsing augmented world AR technology, one of the most famous music festivals “Coachella” transformed one of its stages into an AR experience, adding a new layer to the live music. People could see completely new visuals by pointing their phones at the screen. The iconic Sahara tent became a cosmic show when visitors used the Coachella AR app’s camera feature. They could experience the Sahara tent like never before. Using AR, astronauts and planetary objects appeared to dance above the crowd. The experience changed with each performance – responding to the audience as well as physical surroundings.

Coachella made a huge step into the future and made an already exciting space into something much more marvelous.

AR filters – a great marketing tool for new video promotion

The importance of filters has increased in the last few years. Nowadays, their ability to shape what we see is greater than ever before.
The artists started to release branded filters to promote their work and merchandise. It is quite easy to go viral using AR Filters. You can engage already existing fans with an exciting experience and also attract new ones, spreading music. Especially the younger generation and we all know that it is very hard to gain their attention.

You can use AR filter possibilities in various directions for promotion. Here are some of them:

 Music video promotion with AR filter

instagram filter for Kylie Minogue music release

UK-based musician Kylie Minogue released an AR filter on her Instagram account. The video, which was taken from a performance on her latest album, blends motion capture and virtual effects to create an immersive and memorable experience for fans. The artist created an AR experience that let users feel they are actually part of the music video.

Of course, gamification!

instagram minigame for music videoZayn Malik, a former member of One Direction, released an AR game filter for one of his new songs. The game is super easy to play – lots of fun and highly shareable. The video is accompanied by his latest song and the background music is catchy enough to draw the attention of users. By pairing this with an interactive filter that encourages users to share their scores, the artist is guaranteed some good exposure for his song release.

Product visualization to promote new music releases

augmented reality digital vinyl

Combining modern technology with old media, Finnish artist Petri Matero created an AR digital vinyl using AR product visualization abilities. This was a creative way to promote a new album release.  

Augmented Reality portal to immerse music

augmented reality portal for music video

“Every song is a world. Every lyric has a life.”

Compelling and creative experience from Spotify using AR world.

Spotify launched a new I-Exist Music App, where every song is a new and different portal, with different visuals and history. Now you can see and feel the music at the same time. Already thrilling experience becomes even more inspiring.

This is an example of how a brand can use the latest technology for marketing purposes: to make their customers’ experiences even more compelling, it encourages to share it with friends and family. More importantly, it makes you want to listen to music on Spotify even more. Not only it creates this immersive and creative experience but also brings customers closer to the brand.

To round up

The music industry has always been a pioneer of new technology. AR is a great tool for artists to create new ways for their fans to interact with them. Especially through social media. As we’ve seen in the past, once something becomes a trend in the industry, many other businesses and individuals start to follow and apply

Despite what your industry is, if you want your brand to stand out impressively – then AR could be just what you need. Crosscreators is here to help you, through every step, in this fascinating AR world. Schedule a quick chat for consultation 

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