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AR: The Ultimate Guest Experience Game Changer in Hospitality

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AR: The Ultimate Guest Experience Game Changer in Hospitality
avatar By: CrossCreators 4 Min read 363 Views

AR: The Ultimate Guest Experience Game Changer in Hospitality

4 Min read 363 Views

Modern technologies have a significant impact on marketing and the hospitality industry is no exception. While consumers are looking for the best deals, business owners are looking for a better way to offer their clients a unique experience. That is the area where Augmented Reality (AR) comes in handy.

Augmented reality seamlessly integrates digital elements into the real world, making it more informative, user-friendly, and visually appealing. To learn more about AR, especially its applications in marketing, take a look at our previous post.

How The Ritz-Carlton Leveraged Augmented Reality to Boost Guest Experience and Attraction

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore has tapped into the potential of augmented reality (AR) to enhance its offerings and attract more visitors. By incorporating AR into its contemporary art collection, the hotel has created an unparalleled, immersive experience that addresses specific pain points.

The hotel’s innovative AR art tour allows guests to virtually interact with key pieces from its extensive contemporary art collection. The experience brings the artworks to life with computer-generated graphics and sound, accompanied by written and audio narratives about the artworks and their artists. Developed in partnership with Australian cloud-based platform Plattar and the Singapore Tourism Board’s Singapore Tourism Accelerator Program, the AR art tour seamlessly integrates with the hotel’s existing services.

This unique feature not only enriches the overall guest experience but also caters to art enthusiasts and tech-savvy travelers. Moreover, guests are encouraged to share their AR experiences on social media, further promoting the hotel and its cutting-edge offerings.

How Holiday Inn Pioneered the Reshaping of the Hospitality Industry

Holiday Inn’s pioneering use of augmented reality provided a unique and engaging experience for guests during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. By allowing guests to interact with virtual Olympic athletes, the hotel created a memorable and shareable experience that differentiated itself from competitors.

Moreover, the use of AR technology addressed the pain point of providing guests with personalized and innovative experiences. This not only promotes customer satisfaction but also helps hotels stand out in a competitive market.

Holiday Inn’s successful AR campaign inspired more hotels to explore the technology and its potential for transforming the hospitality industry. With the ability to seamlessly integrate digital elements into the real world, AR offers a unique and innovative way for hotels to engage with their guests and create unforgettable experiences.

How Moxy Hotels Used AR to Transform the Guest Experience and Increase Brand Awareness

The hospitality industry has long struggled with finding ways to engage guests and create memorable experiences that set their brand apart from competitors. However, Moxy Hotels solved this problem by introducing an AR game, “Moxy Universe, Play Beyond,” that offered guests a unique and personalized way to explore the hotel while incentivizing participation with the chance to win prizes.

By allowing guests to create their avatars and immerse themselves in AR experiences, Moxy Hotels was able to address the pain point of limited guest engagement and create a fun, interactive experience that appealed to all ages. Moreover, by creating an immersive environment that encouraged sharing on social media, Moxy Hotels was able to increase brand awareness and differentiate itself from other hotels in the market.

With the use of easily installable and flexible AR markers and smart AR experience designs, Moxy Hotels created a life-size photobooth experience that was available across all 12 APAC locations. This approach allowed Moxy Hotels to provide a consistent and unique experience for guests, while offering a new and innovative way to engage with them.

Capitalizing on Augmented Reality: A Promising Future for the Hospitality Industry

Undoubtedly, the integration of AR in the hotel and tourism sector has the potential to elevate brand awareness and enhance travel experiences. By utilizing cutting-edge tools, businesses can attract new customers while offering personalised services to their loyal clientele. This creates a mutually beneficial situation, where guests enjoy unforgettable experiences and hotels solidify their standing in the industry.

Given the rapid pace of technological advancements and their increasing adoption in daily life, it is highly likely that augmented reality will unlock tremendous opportunities for the hospitality business in the near future.

Incorporating augmented reality technology into your business strategy can elevate your brand to new heights. If you’re interested in getting started, simply use this link to schedule a call with our team, and we’ll ensure that your brand’s AR potential is expertly managed.

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