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Must-Try AR e-commerce apps for inspiration

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Must-Try AR e-commerce apps for inspiration
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 269 Views

Must-Try AR e-commerce apps for inspiration

3 Min read 269 Views

The shopping experience, channels, and client needs are all rapidly shifting. Augmented Reality (AR) is innovating every industry. It changes the expectations and reality. E-commerce is no exception.

Despite its widespread success and popularity, e-commerce has faced several challenges. As a brand, you are struggling with conversion and engagement. Online shopping lacks sensory experience. Poor visualization and high returns persist. But fear not! AR in e-commerce provides realistic product viewing, virtual try-on, and real-world placement.

Despite this, 8 out of 10 e-commerce still do not use augmented reality. Brand cases tell you how similar brands like yours enhanced your shopping experience with AR.

How did Shopify AR revolutionize the online shopping experience

Shopify AR is an augmented reality app that enables online store owners to create an immersive shopping experience. With Shopify, merchants can build and customize an online store and sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, etc. Using videos and 3D assets, customers can interact with products in their environment.

AR solution helps customers gain a better understanding of their functionality and size, ultimately increasing their confidence to make a purchase. Shoppers always have the desire to touch and feel the products. Interaction with augmented reality often replaces this experience.

Shopify aimed to Increase customer confidence and understanding, boost engagement, and drive higher average order value in online shopping. And they did it! 30% increase in average order value, 25% higher engagement with products, and 15% increase in conversion rates say a lot.

Revolutionizing Home Furniture Shopping with Augmented Reality: How did Wayfair’s innovative use of AR yield exceptional results?

Seeing many images online is an option, but sometimes it doesn’t work. People hardly imagine how the product will fit into their real-life environments. Wayfair wanted to enhance customer visualization and confidence, increase purchase intent, and transform the home furniture shopping experience. Their ****mobile shopping app introduces the 3D View in Room functionality, leveraging augmented reality to enable customers to visualize how Wayfair’s furniture will look in their own homes. This transformative AR experience empowers shoppers to make more informed purchasing decisions, enhancing their confidence and overall shopping experience.

Wayfair’s results are quite impressive. They got a 30% increase in conversion rates for furniture purchases, a 20% reduction in product returns, and a 40% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings.

How did Target’s mobile shopping app revolutionize home product shopping and achieve remarkable results through augmented reality?

One of the inspiring mobile shopping apps is offered by Target. The brand aimed to dive into purchase intent in-home product shopping, as well as enhance customer product visualization and increase engagement. Target’s mobile shopping app features the See it in Your Space functionality, leveraging augmented reality to enable customers to digitally visualize various furniture items within their own homes. By offering a 3D view, customers can make more informed purchasing decisions, experiencing how products will look and fit in their specific space. Metrics are the following: a 25% increase in customer engagement with augmented reality, a 35% improvement in conversion rates for products viewed using AR, and a 20% decrease in product return rates for AR-assisted purchases.

Wrapping up

These brand cases serve as inspirations for similar businesses to enhance their shopping experiences with AR, tapping into its vast potential for success. No matter what type of e-commerce business you run, augmented reality is something that will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

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