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AR Advertising: Breaking Barriers and Reaching New Heights in Brand Promotion

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AR Advertising: Breaking Barriers and Reaching New Heights in Brand Promotion
avatar By: CrossCreators 3 Min read 589 Views

AR Advertising: Breaking Barriers and Reaching New Heights in Brand Promotion

3 Min read 589 Views

Augmented Reality is not a trendy tech anymore, it moved to real solutions for marketers. Technical complexity, cost, consumer adoption, and brand perception are only a part brands face in advertising. However, AR advertising can serve as a solution to these challenges. As technology changes how consumers find, engage with, and purchase products, marketers need to find innovative ways to stand out. AR’s unique, noticeable, and viral nature opens doors for brands to engage with their audience in unprecedented ways, leaving a lasting impression. Nevertheless, based on the success stories of pioneering brands, it has become evident that advertising barriers can be overcome with AR.

How location-based AR delivers personalized and immersive experiences

Location-based AR allows marketers to deliver content and experiences that are highly relevant to the user’s physical environment. Contextual relevance is not the onlyest benefit of a location-based AR. Its personalization helps in establishing an emotional connection and enhances brand affinity.

For example, Realtor.com Showcase exemplifies customer experience in the real estate industry. Users can use their smartphone or tablet to view 3D models of homes overlaid in a real-world environment. By leveraging the device’s camera and location data, potential buyers can visualize how a property would look in its actual location. They can search for homes in specific neighborhoods and the app will display available properties.

This interactive and immersive experience enhances user engagement, improves the understanding of properties, facilitates better decision-making, fosters emotional connections, differentiates the brand, and builds customer trust. By leveraging location-based AR, customers can explore properties in their desired locations, leading to a positive user experience, increased satisfaction, and ultimately, higher conversion rates in the real estate industry.

How Interactive AR Advertising Transforms Product Demonstrations

Interactive product demonstrations in AR advertising have the power to transform brand experiences. AR allows brands to go beyond static images and videos. Through virtual touch, manipulation, and exploration, users get hands-on with products, experiencing their features, functionality, and benefits in real time. This dynamic and interactive approach enhances customer understanding and builds confidence.

Eaton has harnessed the power of Augmented Reality to create an immersive experience known as Eaton’s AR Showcase. With Eaton’s AR Showcase, customers can explore a virtual world where they can visualize and interact with a wide range of products. It incorporates informative content overlays, such as text, animations, and etc. This hands-on approach fosters customer knowledge and confidence, empowering them to make well-informed purchasing decisions based on their interactive exploration and enhanced understanding of the products.

How Virtual Try-On in AR Advertising Changes the Way of shopping

From fashion to home décor, virtual try-on experiences in AR advertising bridge the gap between online and physical shopping, providing customers with a more personalized shopping experience. By allowing customers to visualize products on themselves or in their environments, brands can increase customer engagement, and confidence, and ultimately drive conversions.

Sephora was one of the pioneers, which proved that physical store is not needed for the best customer experience. Sephora’s Virtual Artist App feature enables users to try makeup products virtually. People can test numerous makeup looks, take a photo of an outfit to match the shade, view complete face looks, and learn how to do makeup with virtual instructions. So, AR allows the buyers to try on and purchase the make-up that best suits them. They even can share the looks, as well as complete the purchase with one click.

By enabling customers to try on makeup virtually, Sephora increases engagement, personalization, and customer satisfaction, ultimately driving sales and solidifying its position as a leader in the beauty industry.


Are you ready to unlock a full potential of AR?

AR advertising opens up a world of possibilities for brand promotion. Looking ahead, the future of AR advertising holds tremendous potential for businesses. As technology continues to advance, AR experiences will become more sophisticated, realistic, and seamless. Now that you’ve glimpsed the limitless possibilities of AR advertising, it’s time to turn your creative visions into reality. Whether you’re a business owner or marketer, our team is here to help you unlock the full potential of AR advertising and take your brand to new heights. Book a call with Crosscreators.

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