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AR as a way of communication – Rudik Petrosyan’s AR Journey

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AR as a way of communication – Rudik Petrosyan’s AR Journey
avatar By: CrossCreators 5 Min read 338 Views

AR as a way of communication – Rudik Petrosyan’s AR Journey

5 Min read 338 Views

Welcome! Today, we dive into the AR journey of Rudik Petrosyan and explore his motivations, inspirations, and the impact he has made in the AR industry. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into the story of Reezzy.

Let’s start from the beginning! How did you start your AR journey? What inspired you to become a creator and what keeps you motivated to continue creating for this industry?

I came to AR with Spark AR in early 2019 when there was still a beta version of instagram and you could only post filters to Facebook, I was among the first 1000 people who got the beta version of Spark AR for instagram and started actively maintaining instagram and creating filters (though now I have turned off or deleted almost all filters from that period)

 I came here from 3d modeling jewelry for further physical fabrication.

What about the motivation to create, I always liked the lack of any lessons and tips because the technology was new and we were going to small communities to explore different sides of AR and share with each other. I like to invent new techniques to find different solutions to one problem. I like how people have fun with filters that I created not only for myself but also for commercial people like to see what I created makes them smile and laugh or great surprise, I think my biggest motivation is the pleasure not only of the result but also of the process.


What is AR for you?

It’s the tool of the future! No matter what industry, whether it’s self-expression, commercial advertising, or a way to communicate with friends and meet strangers. And we are at the very beginning of its emergence.

How do you see the future of AR evolving? What kind of opportunities do you think it will bring to creators and brands?

I see AR of the future in augmented reality glasses, I believe that it will give a new breath and change the world of advertising and promotion completely.

But the problem with brands is their conservatism and not being open to something new, so I hope brands in the future will start to trust creators more and this will open new opportunities for us and them


Who or what inspires you in your work, and can you describe your working process? Do you follow a plan or work spontaneously? Do you have a specific style that sets you apart from other creators?

I am inspired by my colleagues who have become my friends and we are 24/7 in touch in a small community. I think they are some of the coolest writers out there and I always rely on their feedback and opinions as much as they do mine.

My workflow is very organized with Notion and I use a sketchbook and pen a lot trying to draw all the algorithms, write all the sketches and ideas by hand and comment all thoughts in detail. But it seems to me I don’t have a certain style, it’s just that I am more commercially oriented and there is little need for my own style. style. I’m in search of my style and I hope to find it.


Can you share an example of a project where you pushed the boundaries of what is possible with AR technology and what kind of impact did it have?

It is difficult to choose one project which I consider revolutionary so I will show 2, one personal and one commercial

The personal World switcher project is a very recent project and works from a physical hand on a virtual object. The experience is very unusual and therefore very cool.

Be sure to try it on snapchat!

A commercial for Jean Paul Gaultier also for snapchat, which opens a new dimension in AR by allowing you to buy luxury perfumes directly from an AR filter (the filter was created together with the FFFACE.ME agency.  Very proud of these works and truly consider them revolutionary


Can you list the brands you have worked with? What are the project(s) you’re most proud of?

gucci, disney, hublot, reebok, visa, kfc, binance, amazefit, vattenfall aperol*, coca cola*, jean paul gaultier*, pepsi*, viber* awe* (*all marked brands were developed together with the ffface.me agency)


Collaboration is a crucial aspect of creating successful AR projects. Can you share an example of a project where you had to balance a client’s needs with your creative vision? How did you navigate that challenge?

When discussing projects I show all my skills and even more importantly all my shortcomings and weaknesses for example I can not do make-up and always either refuse projects with make-up or connect in addition another creator for this.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the AR industry, and how do you incorporate this knowledge into your work?

I follow updates on the platforms website and read a lot on Twitter and Linkedin about everything that interests me in the AR world

Can you share any tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way that have helped you to create successful AR projects?

Since I am more in the shadows of my work and I develop it more for commerce, I will have more technical advice.

The tips are really the same as for other digital professions

Don’t be shy to ask for advice in forums or communities, don’t be afraid of bad feedback and use it as motivation.

Try to get the most out of your skills even if your project budget isn’t big.

And don’t forget to optimize the effects!

What do you enjoy most about being an AR creator, and how do you balance the technical aspects of AR creation with the creative side? What advice would you give to aspiring AR creators who are just starting out?

like to bring things to life that you can’t create with conventional 3D renderings, like how people can have a different experience from what you’ve come up with

I try to keep a balance between the technical and the creative side

My advice to beginners is to never stop learning and experimenting. Augmented reality is a new and constantly evolving field, so it’s important to stay curious and push the boundaries.

As we conclude this insightful interview, we are left in awe of the passion and creativity that drives Reezzy in his AR journey. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AR technology is commendable, and his collaborations with renowned brands have left a lasting impact. We can’t help but be excited for the future of AR, where innovative creators like Reezzy will continue to shape the way we interact with the world around us. If you’re an aspiring AR creator, take Reezzy’s advice to heart and never stop learning, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of this dynamic field. The possibilities are truly endless, and with each creation, you have the opportunity to bring joy, surprise, and awe to people’s lives. Let’s embrace the future of AR together!

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