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Insights and Inspiration for AR Creators from Allan Gregorio’s AR Journey

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Insights and Inspiration for AR Creators from Allan Gregorio’s AR Journey
avatar By: CrossCreators 6 Min read 684 Views

Insights and Inspiration for AR Creators from Allan Gregorio’s AR Journey

6 Min read 684 Views

Join us on a journey with Allan, a visionary Brazilian digital artist, as he shares his AR evolution, creative process, and impactful projects. Discover the power of AR for self-expression, the future it holds for creators and brands, and valuable tips for successful AR projects. Get inspired and unlock the endless possibilities of augmented reality.

– Let’s start from the beginning! How did you start your AR journey? What inspired you to become a creator and what keeps you motivated to continue creating for this industry?

– I am Allan, a Brazilian digital artist based in the Netherlands, or anywhere with an internet connection, really. I’ve been into art since I was a child, playing around with painting, drawing, making videos etc. My grandma was a big inspiration for me, she was my first role model as an artist. As I got older, I studied photography and graphic design. Later I started working with AR when I saw how it could help me express myself artistically. It lets me connect with people easily and quickly. Over time, I’ve become more and more excited about using AR in my work, it inspires me to merge different digital arts and take it to the next level. It’s also really nice to see people using it!
– What is AR for you?
– For me, AR is a powerful tool for self-expression and storytelling. It let me interact and engage with audiences, creating an inclusive space where art and technology merge. It’s a medium that allows entertainment, education, and most importantly, fun.
– How do you see the future of AR evolving? What kind of opportunities do you think it will bring to creators and brands?
I think AR will become a more common part of our day-to-day lives. It’s gonna make things easier, whether that’s learning something new at school or doing stuff around the house. I think AR is going to open up so many possibilities for work, fun, and learning. For artists like me, this means there will be lots of new ways to get creative, make art that draws people in, and connect with audiences in meaningful ways. For companies, AR will help them create more engaging marketing, giving them a chance to provide unique experiences for their customers.
– Who or what inspires you in your work, and can you describe your working process? Do you follow a plan or work spontaneously? Do you have a specific style that sets you apart from other creators
– My inspiration can come from all over. It could be a book I read, a movie I saw, a song I heard, other creative people who I follow online, or pretty much anything, even the latest trends on social media. When I’m creating, I put a lot of myself into what I do. I want to make things that people will love and feel connected to. And at the end of the day, I want to be happy with what I’ve made. On the tech side of things, I’m always learning and trying out new tools. I see any mistake as just another chance to get better. – Sometimes, stepping away from the computer, hanging out with friends, or doing something I enjoy helps me stay fresh and keeps my creativity flowing.
– Can you share an example of a project where you pushed the boundaries of what is possible with AR technology and what kind of impact did it have
– I am always inspired by people who use my AR on social media. I could share some stories, but one stands out, it’s a personal project that I made when I first started with AR. I created a viral filter called “Bozo”, inspired by the previous Brazilian president. Thanks to the internet, we have the freedom to express ourselves and voice our opposition to misogyny, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia. “Bozo” was my contribution to the conversation against this particular president and the ideals he and his government represented. Millions of people saw the filter and were able to express their thoughts. This experience taught me how AR can impact people and help raise awareness for various voices. Of course, I also received many hateful messages from his supporters, but that’s just part of the process
– Can you list the brands you have worked with? (list links of experiences if possible) What are the project(s) you’re most proud of?
– I’ve teamed up with some really cool names – like Benefit Cosmetics, HBO Max, Vivara, GB65, Camila Cabello, Defected Records, Universal Music, Block9, and a whole lot more. Picking a favourite project is like trying to choose your favourite song – impossible!! They’re all unique. But I gotta say, the projects where I get to do my own thing and let my creativity go wild, those are the ones I love the most!
– Collaboration is a crucial aspect of creating successful AR projects. Can you share an example of a project where you had to balance a client’s needs with your creative vision? How did you navigate that challenge
–   When I team up with a brand on a project, my first move is to figure out what they’re aiming for and if they’ve got any specific ideas in mind. Then, I start brainstorming about what could be possible and how I can make my own style into it. When it comes to commissioned work, instead of personal projects, I make it a point to really understand what the client needs. The goal is to merge our ideas in a way that makes us both super proud of the final product.
– How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the AR industry, and how do you incorporate this knowledge into your work
– Honestly, I’m trying to do my best to keep up with it, as technology is evolving really fast… is a bit like trying to stay on top of the latest TikTok trends – it moves super fast and there’s always something new popping up! – Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and even LinkedIn are great for this, you can easily follow the new techs in AR. Also, I’m learning to enjoy my own time as well to discover new things. You can’t rush creativity!
– Can you share any tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way that have helped you to create successful AR projects?
– If you can blend your own style with what’s trending, because that’s what people are looking for, it can be a magic recipe. It’s not like every creation will go viral or something, so it’s crucial to remember to have fun while creating it. Don’t overthink, just put your work out there and see what happens! – Keep going, with or without a public to appreciate, do for you… because it will make easier to connect to people.
– What do you enjoy most about being an AR creator, and how do you balance the technical aspects of AR creation with the creative side? What advice would you give to aspiring AR creators who are just starting out
– What I love about being an AR creator, it lets me connect with a lot of people in a short period of time – no other art form has this kind of impact. Like I said before, you can’t rush creativity. Sometimes, taking a break from the screen, chilling with friends, or doing stuff I love helps to reset my mind and keeps the creativity flowing. – About advice: Don’t overthink it; just start exploring, be curious, and remember, it’s all about having fun. Along the way, you’ll surely meet people who can connect with your art, ideas, or voice. The best way to stand out is by using AR to express yourself authentically. Trust your instincts.
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